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Why Move to Australia

So why move to Australia ?

I have been thinking more and more recently that I am raising my precious and beautiful children in a country that I am falling a little out of love with.


move to Australia

There are a few reasons I would like to move

The weather…it is summer now and it is dull and grey, yet again threatening rain. We are all inside and there is little light. This cannot be the best for us. I want my children to be outdoors playing in the sunshine and their summer holidays to be filled with light and fresh air.

I have no family here (and they have just a little) and they are still young enough in regard to their education to make a move.

I live in the same place I grew up and it is full of memories which in some ways is wonderful but in many ways keeps me tied to the past.

I don’t think considering moving to a sunnier climate is a pipe dream. I work online almost 100% and wherever there is Wifi I can work.


But where would we go?

Canada and New Zealand both appeal to me as they are English speaking and have lower crime rates but I really do like the thought of a move to Australia.


Why move to Australia

About 20 years ago my cousin and his wife settled in Sydney and I stalk their Facebook with envy. Their life seems full of the outdoors and a healthy dose of art and culture thrown in too. I would love to seek out some land for sale in Sydney and have a lovely little home built for us there, a green energy-efficient home that could be our forever home too.

Sydney has the most beautiful beaches, the harbour, botanic gardens, the stunning opera house, superb bays, lovely coastal walks, the Chinese garden of Friendship and it has sunshine…masses and masses of sunshine.

It sounds very appealing to me!


Would you move overseas or is something keeping you here in good old Blighty?


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  1. May 21, 2019 / 8:44 am

    a good place ^^

  2. August 10, 2016 / 5:33 am

    Did you noticed that the top 30 deadly animals live in Australia? Maybe not in Sidney! As you say wherever is an wifi is a good place.

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