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Why is Kindness Important?

Why is Kindness Important? something we should all ask for sure. 

Why is Kindness Important?

Kindness is something we should always try to offer to those around us as well as ourselves.

Being kind will encourage others to be kind; that way, we can create an environment of respect. Mental health at work can often suffer when environments lack compassion, kindness, and empathy towards others. Being kind to others can help them feel safer, happier, and appreciated, which can significantly impact a person’s mood.

When people are feeling down, kindness can bring them back up.



why is kindness important?


365 days of kind – A kindness quote a day for kids (plus activities and affirmations 


kindness quotes for kids


So, why is Kindness Important?


I could talk about kindness all day (and I often have) because  ‘why is kindness important’ is  a question I believe we should all know the answer too.

The answer is pretty simple in my opinion but it is also immensely powerful.


Why is Kindness Important?


Kindness is important in our parenting

You can watch my TEDx talk  here to find out why I think Kindness is so very important to teach our kids and the massive benefits it brings to their mental health and well being, levels of happiness and feelings of connectivity to the world. 



Kindness activities  answer Why is Kindness Important

Activities that are fun and educational are a brilliant way to show kids how self – kindness and kindness to others can make such an impact. In my book Create Your Own Kindness I share 50 activities for 6-12 year old that include the science to explain how and why they work.

The activities include things like making homemade gifts, pamper time, random acts of kindness ideas, connecting with grandparents and so on.  Full of entertaining activities but with the central message that being kind matters


Why is kindness important?


 I also have a gorgeous blog post  on kindness activities for kids if you want more!! 


Random acts of kindness

Random acts of kindness are surprise acts that people do for no other reason than to be kind.

I have a HUGE list of random act of kindness ideas for you here. Why is kindness important? because it pushes you to look outside of yourself and reconnect with others and that is always a beautiful thing.

Why is kindness important?  it is important because it connects us.


Why is Kindness Important?


Why is Kindness Important? And why is it so Powerful

Kindness is a superpower because it is unfailingly a superpower that transforms heals, connects, pleases , supports and shines. Imahine if every single child was taiugh to be kind – how socially transformative that would be  and how wonderful the world would be indeed.


Why is kindness important? Book list 

Check out this kindness book list for kids if you are looking for further inspiration. Books are always such a brilliant way to convey a message to children that doesn’t make them feel they are being preached at but still packs a punch.





The perks of being kind.

Being kind lowers the cortisol levels in our body which significantly impacts our stress levels and reduces anxiety.

Being kind has also been shown to help boost the immune system. The reward center of our brain lights up when we are kind in just the same way it does if people are kind to us which of course feel amazing. We are less lonely and more deeply connected when we are kind. 

 I could go on and on about the perks of being kind and the benefits they bring to self and others including energy life span and happiness. You can read more about this impact here


 “One of the most difficult things to give away is kindness, it usually comes back to you.” Anonymous


Speaking of kindness

I have just collated a book of quotes on being kind it wont be out until September 2022  so in the meantime you might like to pop over and read these kindness quotes for kids



Why is Kindness Important? Final word  on this

I guess from this post and by looking at all the resources I have created around it that I think kindness is super important. I hope I have manged to convey why. But actually I do think it can all be summed up in just one sentence 


‘With kindness we all rise’ – Becky Goddard-Hill


Do you agree? do you think this simple statement answers the question? Id love to hear your thoughts please drop me a comment below 


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