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Why is Your Attic Attracting Wildlife?

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably experienced a wildlife infestation before – whether it’s mice running amok your kitchen, bats roosting in your chimney, or skunks raising their babies under your porch.

However, attics are one of the most coveted spots for several nuisance wildlife. That’s why raccoons, opossums, rats, and squirrels in the attic are common problems encountered by homeowners. You might be curious, what is it about the attic that makes it so attractive to wildlife?

This article will give you an insight into the motivating factors for wildlife staying in the attic.

Why is Your Attic Attracting Wildlife?

The Attic: The perfect shelter for wildlife?

If you are asked to describe your dream house, your answer will entail a house (probably a mansion) with luxurious features that will give you perfect peace of mind. In the same way, the attic is any wildlife’s dream house! Let me explain why.

In the wild, life is hard for animals as they need to combat the forces of nature – from the weather fluctuations to the ever-present threat of predators. Survival of the fittest plays out undeterred in the wild!

However, wild animals have learned that by staying near humans, they can make their life a bit easier – and the attic is the luxury home they can never have in the wild. Here are some reasons for that:

  • Constant warmth

The attic provides a warm place for wildlife to reside. Thanks to the home heating system and insulation. Even in the coldest winters, animals like raccoons and rats in the attic can cozy up in the insulation to remain warm.

  • A plethora of building materials

Several nuisance animals like squirrels and rats typically live in nests and rely on leaves, debris, and other materials to build their nest. The attic is not short of even better building materials – from the insulation to wires to papers and more. That’s why animals in the attic tear off the insulation, wires, and so on to build the perfect nest.

  • Safety

Keeping safe from predators is no joke for wildlife. This is primarily true of wild animals with babies that tend to be easy prey. Given the height and location of most attics, most predators are wary of coming around. Hence, wildlife like squirrels, rats, and even raccoons reside in the attic to keep themselves and their young ones safe from predators.

The attic also provides a perfect space for wild animals (especially babies) to play around without serious threat. That’s why you hear running sounds coming from your attic.

  • Undisturbed and quiet

Most people rarely visit their attic. This is unsurprising given that the attic is usually used as storage space. Hence, for most of the year, the attic is free of human disturbance. Consequently, wildlife in the attic can run amok without disruption.

  • Proximity to food

Here’s a question to help you see things from the wildlife perspective: Would you rather live a walking distance to the grocery store or 20 miles away from the closest grocery store?

Wild animals know that living in the attic almost translates into food proximity. This can be leftovers in the garbage cans, pet food, bird seeds under the birdfeeder, fruits in the garden, etc.


Why is Your Attic Attracting Wildlife?

Signs of animals in the attic

Here are some tell-tail signs of animals in the attic:

  • Noises (vocal noise, scampering, scurrying, and thumping) coming from your attic, especially at night.
  • Damage to the outside of your property or entry points.
  • Unexpected power issues – which arise when wildlife rip off wires
  • Aroma of ammonia from the urine and droppings of animals.
  • Physical sighting of an animal getting into your attic.
  • Unusual water leaks.

Visit raccoonsattic.com to learn more signs of wildlife in the attic and the significant damages they cause.


Get Rid of Wildlife in the attic.

Do you have raccoons, squirrels, rats, or opossums in the attic? You probably now understand why they are there. After getting rid of the nuisance animal, your next goal should be a complete attic clean-up, decontamination, and repair. Professional wildlife companies like Wildlife X Team Tulsa can help with that.



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