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Why it is Important to Eliminate Pests from your Home?

It is necessary to control rodents and insects because they carry diseases, infest your kitchen and bedroom, and bite you and your pets. Pests need to be removed from your home, garage, and yard so you can stay safe and healthy. Rodents, for example, can leave feces on, near, or on top of food in your kitchen. The effects of eating contaminated food can be very serious. Insects carry viruses and bacteria that require long-term treatment. While others can aggravate pre-existing conditions, such as asthma.

Bugs, spiders, and insects

Bugs typically belong in a different environment than your home. Probably, the few you find are a random few that happened to fly or crawl into the house when you let your dog out or brought in your groceries. You don’t have to worry about those. Nevertheless, when you’re seeing insects regularly after trying unsuccessfully to get rid of them with retail products, you may have an infestation. It is very important to contact an exterminator as soon as possible since insects can carry disease and bacteria, like salmonella and E. coli. The latter can infect the intestines and cause serious illness. Excreta, insect bodies, and insect excrement contribute to unhealthy conditions, in particular for those with lung disorders.


Why it is Important to Eliminate Pests from your Home?


Besides damaging property, rats can also spread certain diseases for a long period of time. Hantavirus, salmonella, tularemia, and bubonic plague are spread by rodents like rats even in this part of the country. Rodents put on thousands of miles annually scurrying around collecting fleas, disease and other microscopic parasites. Keeping these rodents as far away from your living environment as possible-both indoors and outdoors-allows you to stay safe and healthy. An exterminator helps control or capture these rodents, thus keeping your family protected from the diseases rodents carry.


The threat posed by wasps is not so much their diseases as their viciousness and aggression. Those who do not understand their stings may end up dying. They can be found in various parts of your home’s eaves, lawn or garden. If provoked, though, they will generally leave you alone. When they sting multiple times, though, they can be extremely dangerous. Bee or wasp sting allergies can cause death in as little as minutes for those individuals who are allergic. Thus, it is imperative to remove all visible signs of a nest or hive as soon as possible.

What are the top 5 reasons for pest control?

  1. Don’t Think “Do-it-Yourself” is Enough

In reality, DIY treatments only address the tip of the iceberg when they promise to solve a problem. In most cases, store-bought or home remedies can only address what you can see on the surface. Unfortunately, your infestation might be lurking beneath the surface. The first sign of a home invasion is reason enough to contact a pest control professional like empirepestcontrol.co.uk

  1. Insects can cause illnesses and disease.

Officials at the Department of Public Health attribute our current, clean quality of living to three factors: high-quality vaccines and medications, vastly improved sanitation, and pest control of the highest standard. In addition to rodents and ticks, mosquitoes are capable of transferring several diseases. Hantavirus can be transmitted to humans by mice and rats. The Lyme disease is contagious and comes with symptoms that are similar to flu. The mosquito can carry a wide range of diseases, from the West Nile Virus to Zika. It is impossible to know if a pest carries a disease, so it is always better to err on the side of caution.

  1. Property damage and loss of belongings

A great deal of home-invading pests are attracted to your home in the first place because they have found a source of food. Insects that live in wood, such as termites and carpenter ants, can destroy your house. They often cause a lot of damage while hidden within the walls, so they are often not even noticed. As well as carpet beetles, silverfish also love organic fibers, and as such love munching on your belongings. Some of the items at risk of damage include clothes, blankets, and towels.

  1. Keeping food safe & healthy

The need for pest control extends to both residential and commercial settings, especially when it comes to food. There are often cockroaches and rodents in food service operations that eat scraps. Many pests find their way into homes including odorous house ants and Indian meal moths, which consume your favorite snacks. Additionally, many pests, such as aphids, can interfere with the growth of fruits and vegetables in your garden. The above pests are often carriers of diseases, or will at the very least contaminate your food if they live in it.

  1. Living Without Stress

A pest-free home is, without a doubt, a happy home. Even the faintest evidence of an uninvited organism might give you a headache.




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