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Why June birthdays are beautiful

Why June birthdays are beautiful

Our house is a hive of birthday preparations as both my children have birthdays within the next week.




Why June birthdays are beautiful

I am debating attempting to bake my first ever homemade birthday cake ( she wants a unicorn!) or whether to pop to M&S and keep things simple.

My son is far less fussy and as long as it is chocolate he’s absolutely happy.

Oh, I love birthdays and of all the months to have abirthdayJune has to be the best. The sun invariably shines on June birthdays and this makes party planning so much easier. Over the years we have had a bouncy castle in the garden, a puppy (soft toy!) obstacle course, a lego garden party and strawberries and cream themed party outside too.

We have flowers in abundance in June and fil the house to celebrate our children and their birthdays and to welcome all our visitors.

It is a special month for a birthday. I am so glad they were born in June.


The June birthstone

The June birthstone is a pearl, shiny, classic and a little mysterious too speaking of the sea and hidden treasures. Do you know many cultures link pearls with the moon, referring to them as teardrops of the moon. There is a lovely story in Hindu folklore of pearls as dewdrops which fell from the moon toward the sea, and Krishna plucked one dewdrop for the daughter he so loved on her wedding day. This is why brides wear pearls. Isn’t that lovely?

I shall gift my daughter the most beautiful string of pearls for her 18th birthday – dewdrops from heaven.

This year she is hankering after a laptop – far less romantic!

My children are only with me for a few more years really before they fly the nest so I absolutely indulge their birthdays. They can have parties as long as they want and we will always have balloons and cake even when they are grown up’s – just because.

Happy June everyone.

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