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Here are the Top Reasons Why Pets are Good for Your Wellbeing

 Why Pets are Good for Your Wellbeing


You all know from this blog that staying healthy and looking after yourself is very important, but we do admit it’s sometimes a struggle. There are so many things that can set you back in your journey to wellbeing, which is frustrating. Whether you are feeling under the weather and do not have the energy to exercise, or really do find it hard to stay away from your children’s chocolates at Easter, remaining in top shape is not easy.

Of course, you should not let one bad moment ruin how you are feeling. There are several ways to get back on track, and more importantly keep yourself there.


Why Pets are Good for Your Wellbeing


Pets are a really good to maintain your well-being. Yes, there’s some investment involved. According to research carried out by Voucherbox the average lifetime cost of owning, for example, a dog is around £15,000. There’s also the hours you have to dedicate to taking care of it. However, as Voucherbox also point out, having is pet is priceless. No one should buy pets with the focus of spending money. The benefits to your well-being are undeniable, so here’s my list of the wonderful ways in which pets make our life better:

  1. Exercise – When you have a dog, you have no choice but to take it out for a walk. Usually willing yourself to exercise takes a lot of self-motivation, but walking the dog becomes a pleasant part of your daily routine. A lot of people do not realise that they are becoming healthier as taking the dog out is seen as another household task, but in fact it is doing your body a world of good. Regular walks with your dog benefit your cardiovascular system, lowering your blood pressure and reducing the risk of heart disease.
  2. Mental Health – Owning a pet not only improves physical health, but the advantages for your mental health are endless. If you are someone who suffers from anxiety or depression, pets are a great way to improve your mood. Curling up with your dog or cat and giving them a stroke after a stressful day has proven to be comforting, because that interaction provides a distraction from any stress, yet at the same time is a great way to keep you focused on the present and not drift off to the negative thoughts in your head.
  1. Combat Loneliness – Loneliness is a big trigger for causing mental health problems such as depression. Having pets can completely reverse this though. You often hear of people who live alone deciding to get a pet. When you take your dog out, just striking up a conversation with a fellow dog owner could lead to a new friendship. Pets also need attention and caring for, which gives you a purpose if you live alone and makes you feel needed, to fill up that time you might have otherwise spent wandering around, not quite knowing what to do.
  1. Benefits for Children – It is not just adults that benefit from pets. Animals can have a positive impact on children too. If you have pets in the house from when your children are young, the possibility of your child developing asthma and allergies is reduced because their immune system learns to respond quicker to any allergens carried by your pets. So having a pet may not only improve your well-being, but also your child’s.

The list really is endless and there’s no excuse in delaying getting a pet any more – they can literally make your life so much better!


Written by Charlotte Blairman.

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