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Why Take a Staycation in Yorkshire?

Today – why take a staycation in Yorkshire?

Longing for a trip to Yorkshire? From historical castles to beautiful countryside, the place exhibits famous national parks and museums.


staycation in Yorkshire

Why take a staycation in Yorkshire?


Why take a staycation in Yorkshire?

The article elaborates on some of the reasons that will assist you in choosing Yorkshire for visiting and staying.

Why take a staycation in Yorkshire?


Mesmerizing cottages

Thinking of beautiful places to visit in Yorkshire. Close to the village named Aldfield, you would be amazed to find the most well maintained ruined monasteries called Fountains Abbey. The site is well preserved and encompasses mesmerizing cottages. You can spend a night or two in them as they include living rooms, toilets, dining rooms, and a kitchen. In the day, you can visit the abbey which exhibits a historical sight. The cottages are a bit pricey but, you will get full value for money.


Eye-catching art galleries

The Sculpture Park close to Wakefield is among the finest open-air art gallery available in Yorkshire. From displaying the works of Henry Moore to exhibiting the art of Barbara Hepworth, the sculpture park is among the most visited places in Yorkshire. It is a paradise for art lovers. To your luck, you can join an exhibition program. In the program, renowned artists across the world exhibit their masterpieces. The environment provides an outstanding learning experience.


staycation in Yorkshire


Exquisite countryside

Rural areas present the best sights. Imagine driving through natural forests while listening to country songs and enjoying mesmerizing landscapes. The experience takes you one step closer to nature. Yorkshire’s countryside is utterly astonishing. Loaded with lush green fields and beautiful landscapes, the mornings here are peaceful and shiny. Cows grazing in the fields presents a beautiful sight. The residents are usually live in self-made huts.

Yorkshire offers some of the best countryside areas as Dales National Park. Spreading throughout hundreds of miles, the park encompasses beautiful meadows, filed barns, stunning valleys, and limestone formations such as caverns. You would find natural waterfalls and magnificent caves while roaming the forests of the park.

One of the most visited places located in the area is The York Arms. The pub comes with its own magical dine out where you can enjoy a luxurious meal delivered by a helicopter. Yes, you read that right.


Staycation in Yorkshire



You can also take advantage of the campervan parks on offer here. Be closer to nature by setting up camp and exploring the beauty the Dales have to offer. Just remember to pack all your essentials, especially if you decide to go hiking. We also recommend taking out specialist campervan insurance before travelling.


Elegant seaside towns

Love fresh salty air with outstanding coastal surroundings? Visit Whitby. It is one of the most visited seaside towns of Yorkshire. You would come across an unconventional subculture. Several hotels are located in this area. The famous Dracula novel was inspired by this location. The place is loaded with photogenic beach huts and scenic clifftop walks.


staycation in Yorkshire


Historical castles

Yorkshire is home to several castles with pretty lakes, temples, fountains, and statues. Castle Howard is among the most visited tourist destination. It sits proudly in the Howardian Hills just 15 miles outside the north. The castle is well spread over 1000 acres and comprises natural gardens. 


The bottom line:

You cannot limit the natural beauty of Yorkshire. Surrounded by several stounding places that present a soothing sight, the exquisite countryside and mesmerizing cottages are among some of the best places where you can stay.


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