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Why use a glass table protector?

Do you have a high gloss or wooden table that you want to protect against wear and tear? To keep your table top looking its best for as long as possible, without compromising on its style, a glass table protector could be just the ticket.

Here’s a quick guide to glass table protectors to explain how they work, and why you should choose one to preserve your favourite table top for years to come!


What are glass table protectors?

They’re exactly what they sound like – glass table tops, or table covers made of glass, which are made to measure to cover the top surface of a table perfectly and protect it against scratches, stains, and accidental damage.

These table protectors aren’t just made of ordinary glass, of course – they’re made from strong toughened glass, which goes through a tempering process after it’s been cut to size to strengthen it against impacts and high temperatures.

The clear glass allows you to enjoy the appearance of the original material underneath without exposing it to wear and tear, while adding an extra layer of elegance thanks to the timeless look of the glass covering.

You can use a glass table protector on pretty much any kind of table you like, whether it’s a desk in your office, a coffee table in your living room, an indoor or outdoor dining table, a sideboard in your kitchen, or a dressing table in your bedroom!


Why use a glass table protector?


Are glass table protectors safe?

Yes – just because they’re made of glass doesn’t mean they’re fragile. Toughened glass table protectors are specifically engineered to endure various elements.

Even if they crack under a heavy impact, they won’t shatter into dangerously sharp pieces – the tensile stresses of toughened glass ensure that it will break up into small pieces like glass pebbles, reducing the risk of injury and damage to the table.

Glass table protectors are typically a minimum of 6mm thick to make sure they’re strong enough to protect the table top underneath, but you can choose thicknesses up to 19mm, depending on the type and size of the table it will cover.

Just like a regular glass table top, you can easily keep your glass table protector free of scuffs and marks by wiping it clean using a simple combination of soapy water and a soft cloth, making the sheet of glass as shiny as its polished edges.


How to order a bespoke glass table protector

One of the best parts about buying a glass table protector is that you can specify the exact size, shape, and thickness you need to ensure a precise fit.

Glass can be cut to almost any size, so all you have to do is measure your table top carefully and take your specifications to a bespoke glass manufacturer.

When you place an order for a custom glass table protector from a trusted supplier, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of a table that lasts and looks

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