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Why You Might Want To Invest In A Vault Room

Would you invest in a vault room?

There’s a new home trend going around that might interest some homeowners: vault rooms. What is a vault room and why are they becoming more and more popular? Vault rooms are concrete-walled rooms built into a home’s foundation that is sealed off with a metal, secure vault door. As mentioned, a large bonus of a vault room is that you can build it into a house’s foundation, so a vault door is really the only thing needed. However, a vault room can be installed in already built houses as well. Vault rooms provide any house extra security, protection, and more value. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you might want to invest in a vault room.


Safer Valuables in a Vault Room

There are some things in your house that are invaluable that shouldn’t be stored in simple cardboard boxes. Jewelry, precious metals, firearms, family photos, and inherited items are just a few things that can be stored in a vault room. Dehumidifiers and critter repellants can be added for extra protection for your valuables from being destroyed. Also, a vault room can be an extra space for the storage of regular items or holiday decorations as well.


Why You Might Want To Invest In A Vault Room


Increased Protection when you invest in a vault room

Another great benefit of a vault room is for extra protection for yourself and your family. If a massive storm or tornado is heading your way, a vault room is an excellent place to be — concrete walls and being as low as possible in your home is vital. Also, a vault room can be used as a panic room if unwanted intruders come into your home.

Vault doors can be locked and opened from the inside so there is no worry of being stuck. Backup generators, restrooms, canned foods, and communication/surveillance equipment can be a great addition.


Why You Might Want To Invest In A Vault Room


Extra Home Value when you invest in a vault room

Adding value to your home is always a great thing to do in case you ever want to sell your home later on in life. Adding a vault room can add more value to your home because it’s a positive and beneficial thing to have — most homeowners would want one if possible. Here are some more home improvements that will add value to your property in 2022. If you would like more information about vault doors and their installation, contact the home repair experts at Brickworks Property Restoration today


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