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Why you should consider listening to podcasts – or even starting one of your own

From obscure Eastern European football, to true crime, to world news, it seems everyone and their dog is starting a podcast these days. In all honesty, why wouldn’t you? Listener figures have continually increased year on year, and they show no sign of slowing down. It’s the ideal medium in this modern environment.

Although the song claimed that it was video that killed the radio star, perhaps it’s the podcasts that put another nail in the coffin. After all, they offer a flexibility and freedom of listening to what you want at any given time that radio can’t match. Our lives are also becoming increasingly more hectic, meaning we lack time for anything other than that which can accompany the commute, or even the working day.

In those fleeting moments of spare time, it’s often a choice between music, a book, a podcast, a newspaper, or even just a scroll on Twitter. One could argue that we almost have too much information at our fingertips, but dismiss podcasts at your peril. They’re here to stay and they’re an excellent medium.

Get on the mic with your business

Depending on your area of business, a podcast might be just the ticket for reaching more prospective customers or experts in your field. Starting a podcast for your business allows you to invite said experts on as guests too, offering valuable insights all over – for you and your audience.

When it comes down to it, a podcast is one of the most authentic mediums through which to produce something, in that you’ll be talking about an area that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about. All you need is a microphone and an opinion and you’re away. If you have a nice space in which to make the podcast, even better, which is why serviced offices in Belfast and countless other locations could be worth looking into.

Furthermore, longer form content isn’t frowned upon in the podcasting field, where perhaps it would be elsewhere. In fact, it’s actively encouraged. Furthermore, despite its relative simplicity to use as a platform, you can be as creative as you want to be.


Get on the mic with your friends

Alternatively, you might have a niche hobby that you never get to talk about with anyone, bar those one or two friends on your wavelength. There’ll be others out there that share that interest, so why not spread the word and get yourself noticed. The amazing thing about podcasting is that your content can be about absolutely anything – you have almost complete freedom.

If you’re able to build it to a certain level, you may even have the opportunity to monetise your content, meaning you can potentially earn yourself a side income if successful. You have nothing to lose in many ways, though of course monetisation is only really possible with a solid commitment to the podcast.

If you feel you’ve been looking for that creative outlet, but haven’t been entirely sure where to find it, podcasting could be just the tonic. After all, a podcast allows creativity in a more organised way, involving planning, script reading, recording and editing. Why not harness those attributes into something truly amazing this year?





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