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Win a Flower Press Art DIY kit

Win a Flower Press


Win a Flower Press

Would you like to win a flower press? If you would, then read on. I have a beautiful one from Hape up for grabs.


Why flower pressing is so special

When I was a child we used to press fallen flowers between the pages of old books but oh how I longed for a real flower press.

Flower pressing is just awesome for crafting and it is such a lovely way to get kids outdoors and being creative! An unplugged childhood activity that is just timeless.



The flower press art kit from Hape

You can create your own art collection with the Flower Press Art DIY Kit from Hape. Use the included flower press, 10 sheets of stencilled bamboo paper, small paint pots and brush to turn dried plants into colourful works of art for the scrapbook or memory box. Mixing the beauty of pressed flowers with painting makes a fantastic activity for the whole family to get involved with. The Flower Press Art DIY Kit is available to buy online for £18.02 from Amazon

But today is absolutely your lucky day as we have a chance for you to win one here.

Made from bamboo, without leaving a damaging footprint on the environment each and every piece from the Nature Fun collection is a part of Hape’s innovative range of eco-friendly toys. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world, so a brilliant eco option for toys. Because by the time this toy makes it into your hands, the bamboo used to make it has already grown back!

Now isn’t that better than plastic!


How to win a Hape Flower Press

As always you have to be in it to win it! So do complete the rafflecopter below to be in with a chance to win a flower press from Hape.

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