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Winter is Coming – Time for a Spa Break

 Time for a Spa Break

Time for a Spa Break

Time for a spa break

We’re in September now, the summer is swiftly coming to an end, and winter looms on the horizon. While the colder months have got Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night, Snow and tons of other fun stuff, they’re also the hardest on your face and skin, as well as body and mind.

Wind, rain and colder weather can prove much more aging than the milder months, so you need to take care of your skin, and make sure it’s kept nourished and healthy. We all get a couple of colds and illnesses in the winter too, and then there’s the seasonal depression effects. With the loss of regular sunshine sparking off a slight depression and demotivation in many people, winter can prove, in some ways, an unwelcome turn. So what should we do about it?

A spa trip can prove the ultimate combined cure for all these ailments. Your skin looking a little dry and tired? Get some beauty treatments. Feeling a little low and worn out? Try a little meditation and a massage. If you feel a cold threatening, eat well, relax and restore your immune system. Spas can give you and your body the chance to really prepare for the winter.


Anti-aging Beauty Treatments

Wind is one of the most aging things for your skin, and unfortunately, the British winter has no lack of it. Combined with the standard frostiness, lack of sunshine, and rain, and you’ve got the perfect storm as far as your face is concerned.

Spa breaks offer a wide variety of facial beauty treatments designed to restore and revitalise your face through a variety of means. Some strip away old rough dead skin, some use vitamins and active ingredient-based facial treatments to give your skin back it’s youthful glow, but there are lots of options out there, so you can bet you’ll find the right treatment for you.


Relax and Restore your Mind

We all feel a little low when the summers over, no more sun, no more beaches and barbeques, and months and months of grey cold weather. That’s where seasonal depression strikes.

A spa break with a focus on meditation, yoga, fitness and health is perfect for getting your mindfulness and mental wellbeing back into tip-top condition. It can give you the strength and mental clarity you need to push on through.


Get Healthy

Winter colds and flus are the worst. That horrible cough that’s settled on your chest for weeks, that runny nose, groggy tiredness, or funny bowel. All grim, all annoying. There are plenty of ways to avoid them though. Get healthy, get fit. Make sure your immune system has all the sustenance, foods and vitamins it needs to do its job to the max.

A spa break at a quality spa location can provide the healthy foods, relaxing environment and immune-system boosting treatments that’ll allow you to power on through, and get past that annoying cold in no time at all. All while treating the rest of your winter woes, and letting you get on with planning Christmas!


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