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Winter decor ideas for your home

It is time to start preparing our homes as the long winter months are nearing our doorsteps. Finding comfort from the wet and cold outside with some easy steps will fill our spaces with warmth and cosiness, with an ambience of relaxation.

Wintery tips
It is really simple to spruce up your home in the city and give it that magic touch: white and silver colours add a lovely elegance as you walk through the front door. Adding white decorations that will merge smoothly into the white panelling allows the Charles Rennie Mackintosh style flooring to be the central feature of the room.

Open fireplace
Nothing says charm and home like an open fire or a free-standing stove according to specialist property experts Leo Newman. As you return home from work after a long hard day, a fireplace will be the focal point to the room. The light that is spread throughout the warmth oozes cosiness, and the white walls become lit with a tint of orange, yellow and red luminosity. This is the time to get those thick textured rugs and throw them over the sofa.

fire home

Trompe l’oeil
Develop a Highland look with plaid cushions that will complement the pastel green walls with accessories to tie in the look. To accentuate one particular wall and create depth, use a one-off wallpaper design that will bring drama to the interior space: it can be a bookcase or a wild rural landscape. There are many ways to make such a statement work, and having a mural could be another option that will be a unique feature to the room.

Modern crystal style
To keep your home looking chic, incorporate textures over furniture for an exciting and sleek effect. Keep to a white monochrome colour theme to strengthen the cool feel with overhead, oval white lighting. Choose a scenic background in any format displayed on the entire height of the wall to give it a wow factor. What will really make the effect truly homely but with a winter touch is by having a sheepskin rug to combine with the other soft furnishings that decorate the living-space. Faux fur throws and cushions will bring softness to the surfaces.

Elegant richness
If you want to keep a sumptuous colouring to your front room, choose patterned wallpaper. This backdrop will allow a bright sofa to be positioned with oyster coloured chairs and foot rests. Match up the textures and rugs with the cushions for an elegant collocation that can be mirrored on the wallpaper design. Pick up on the red with some distinctive vases for the homeliness to be felt.

Timeless decors
Whether your fireplace is in your reading area or family room, a classic style is one that is dateless and can be updated with a large mirror, lamps and various special pieces of sculpture or glassware. What is important to follow is the neutral tone to the colour where the wallpaper above the fireplace is understated yet decorative. Mix and match the textures of the cushions with silk with the woollen throws in this beautiful space.

Following these tips will ensure your home is ready for what winter has to throw at us this year. The result is a warm, cosy home, incorporating different finishes to suit your individual style but always remains alluring and welcoming for all who enter.


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