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5 Best Winter Wedding Trends in 2023 on TikTok

Wedding supply experts Aura Print have searched TikTok to bring you the top five quirky winter wedding trends for this season.

Top 5 Winter Wedding Trends According to TikTok
Trend No. of TikTok hashtag views
Hot chocolate bar 112.7 million
Wedding scarf 12.7 million
Crystal wedding 2.8 million
Winter mocktail 607.4K
Snow white wedding 29.4K



Winter Wedding Trends

Let’s take a look at what’s hot when it’s cold!


  1. Hot Chocolate Bar – 112.7  million TikTok views

Image credit: Arina P Habich Shutterstock.com

With over 112.7 million TikTok hashtag views, hot chocolate bars have taken the world of winter weddings and events by storm. 

While traditional wedding fayre often includes champagne toasts and wine, a hot chocolate bar offers a warm, decadent, and customisable alternative for the colder months. As the evening progresses and temperatures drop, guests can enjoy a sweet treat to keep them going on the dance floor.

For younger guests or for those who don’t drink alcohol, a hot chocolate bar also provides a great non-alcoholic option. 

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  1. Wedding scarf – 12.7 million TikTok views

In second place is the wedding scarf, with 12.7 million TikTok hashtag views. Winter brides face a unique challenge in ensuring both style and comfort on their big day; a wedding scarf merges these two elements beautifully. 

A well-chosen scarf adds a touch of grace and sophistication, turning a simple wedding dress into a winter wonderland masterpiece. Brides can stay comfortable and snug during outdoor photoshoots, while also having the freedom to remove it when transitioning to the indoor venue. 


  1. Crystal Wedding – 2.8 million TikTok views

Amassing over 2.8 million views on TikTok, the crystal wedding trend refers to wedding décor that incorporates crystals and gemstones into the celebration. This trend involves the use of crystals for their aesthetic appeal, symbolism, or spiritual significance.

Some couples might choose crystals that align with their intentions for the wedding day, such as love, harmony, or protection.

Others may wish to use them purely for aesthetic appeal, incorporating them into the wedding bouquet, jewelry, or tablescapes. Wedding invitations and stationery may also feature crystal-inspired designs, such as watercolor crystals or foil-stamped crystal patterns.

Winter Wedding Trends

  1. Winter mocktail – 607.4K TikTok views 

In fourth place is the winter mocktail, which boasts over 607k views on TikTok. Not all of your guests may wish to drink alcohol, so offering a non-alcoholic winter warmer ensures that everyone can enjoy a refreshment during the celebration. 

Liam Smith at Aura Print comments: Many couples are now opting to include mocktail menus at their weddings alongside the traditional alcoholic offerings. This allows non-drinkers to enjoy a special drink too, without feeling like they’re missing out.”

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  1. Snow White wedding – 29.4K TikTok views on Winter Wedding Trends

Last but not least is the Snow White wedding with 29.4K views on TikTok. Drawing inspiration from the classic Disney fairytale, the Snow White-inspired wedding is all about enchantment, romance, and a touch of vintage charm. 

Venues with lush gardens or ornate architecture can work beautifully for this style of wedding, while incorporating elements from the forest, such as wooden accents, moss, and greenery can evoke the woodland setting of Snow White. 


Winter Wedding Trends – Over to you

Which on e of these 5 winter wedding trends is your favourite or do you have an idea I haven’t covered. leave me a comment below I always love to hear from you.



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