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If i won the jackpot here is what I would do

If I won the jackpot

If I won loads and loads of money I would…oh my goodness the list really could go on and on!

If I was to win a lot of money as a family I would take my children to Disneyland. Oh blimey I often ponder how to afford Disneyland Oh we would just love to go but I can’t see how this will happen till they are about 30 unless I strike it lucky.

if i won the jackpot

if I won the jackpot


If I won lots of money as a couple I would like to travel on the Orient Express to Venice…maybe one of those murder mystery tours. I would wear a very posh dress and drink a lot of champagne.


champagne PL


If I was to do something  by myself with the money I won I would head off to France to Giverny to see Monet’s watergardens and revel in the peace quiet and beauty.


Photo: El Brown


I would like a mini countryman

a VW beetle convertible

a beautiful house with some land and a little stream

a housekeeper to come every single day and do all those boring jobs

an absolutely  amazing office space in the garden

I would like a trust fund for my kids

an original Peter Blake

a villa in the sunshine

Oh I do like dreaming!


Have you eber thought what you might do if you were to win the lottery? 


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