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Wood You Go Au Naturel? Here’s How Then!

Manmade elements have their purpose and they are quite attractive in the right light. However, metals, nylons, etc. are cold and don’t have the same warmth of natural materials. Wood is cosy, deep, and helps to bring the outdoors inside without cracking a window and losing heat. Plus, dead trees help to reduce CO2 levels in the home and reduce a family’s carbon footprint. As you can see, it’s better to have timber on your side than it is to have it working against you. Here, then, are four fantastic ways to include more of it on your property.


Interior/Exterior Doors

Chances are there are plenty of doors either on the inside or the outside of the property. Usually, especially in today’s era, they are plastic or a uPVC blend. If you like this style, there is no need to worry because they are stylish, strong and affordable. However, UK Oak, the internal doors specialists, offer excellent alternatives which are just as trendy and cheap. Of course, real wood is an incredibly durable material so there’s no reason to fret about wear and tear. With a nice stain, the doors will add a great contrast to the rest of the house while making it snugger and more welcoming.



Hardwood flooring is popular, particularly if it isn’t genuine. Faux wood is everywhere these days because it’s a more affordable option than real hardwood. Before you install a fake floor, be sure to check out all of the alternatives by visiting suppliers such as Posh Flooring and British Hardwoods. Yes, teak and oak are pricey, but bamboo is nowhere near as expensive. And, because it grows at a rapid rate, logging for interior design purposes doesn’t harm the environment. To be fair, faux is a savvy option if you want the look but can’t afford the real deal.




No one wants a wooden sofa. It would be very uncomfortable, and the whole point of a couch is to sit and chill after a hard day. Still, there are plenty of pieces which look amazing in a wood finish. Take a coffee table as a perfect example. Again, plastic is an option, but a true wood number stands out from the rest of the accessories in the room. The same goes for a walnut dining table and chairs set. A cool tip is to invest in a chest or a rocking chair as a standalone item. It totally adds to the atmosphere.



Walls tend to get covered in paint and wallpaper and that is the end of the conversation. The problem with this is that it doesn’t leave much space for discussion. What if you are tired of using the same old techniques on the walls? What then? Well, you can go down the old school route and leave them bare and open. Brick and stone are coming back in a big way, so they are two options. Wood is easily the best looking and warmest technique, however. Just add a deep stain and let the material do the rest.


Can you think of a clever way to add wood to your home?


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