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Wooden Floor Trends

Today – wooden floor trends – lets take a look.

wooden floor trends


Wooden floor trends

Wooden floor trends, like all interior trends, have their moments in the sun.  Let’s have a look at three current trends in the world of wooden flooring.


Colour in wooden floor trends

In terms of colour both grey and white are bang on trend this year. This stylish piece of distressed white oiled oak is  engineered oak flooring

wooden floor trends

Such a lovely colour and how fabulous it would look with bright white or bold coloured furniture.  I think it adds a really modern look.


Style in wooden floor trends

Engineered oak is well suited to modern housing where there is a high moisture content. It works well  because it is a composite material made from a core board and hardwood veneer and so it is a really stable material that will not warp. It also works well in houses with underfloor heating which is of course increasingly popular.

Engineered oak is also really easy to clean which makes it very practical. So you can see that in almost every way it fits in very well to contemporary interiors and lifestyle.

grey oak, swooden floor trends

Natural materials and texture

Natural materials and textures are a strong interiors trend this year. We have seen lots of house plants and botanical prints, jute bags and rugs, big wicker baskets,  woven stools and natural metals fill the home style magazines. When it comes to flooring, natural materials are also strongly desirable, so wood is a favourite.

It’s not just about good looks though, people are increasingly interested in sustainability and in being eco friendly. Wooden floors are naturally sourced and very durable so they tick all the right boxes.

Solid oak flooring is a made up of a single piece of hardwood. It is considered to be one of the most “eco friendly” forms of flooring as it is both sourced naturally and dried naturally.

brushed oak

This solid brushed caramel oak just excludes a sense of nature doesn’t it and radiates warmth. It’s a great example of natural materials being used in interiors to wonderful effects.


The huge choice in wooden floor trends

Wooden flooring styles, textures and colours really can be vastly different and the choice these days is huge. Trends will come and go but in some form or other wooden floors will always be on-trend.


I hope you have found this post on wooden floor trends to be useful – you may also enjoy my post on lighting trends in 2020 and modern wallpaper trends


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