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Making a House a Home

Making a House a Home – where do you even start?

I have long been in love with wooden floors.  I think they have a huge impact on the feel of a home.



Making a House a Home

Many years ago I lived in a 3 story terraced that had seen better days. The carpets were dirty, old fashioned and shredded in parts. We had no money to replace them as were were newly married and only just embarking on the world of work.

But we hired a sander and spent HUGE amounts of time sanding down the stair case. It wasn’t perfect but it was a labour of love and so, SO much better than the purple, swirly staircase from before.

High up in the loft room we had a creative space full of music and art materials. Again we ripped up the carpet down to the wooden floor boards and this time we painted them bright green. Fabulous. It always made me think of spring.

This was our handmade happy first home and our wooden floors were our attempt to make our stamp upon this house.


Wooden Floors: Making a House a Home

Fast forward a good 15 years and now we are in our family home which has a wooden floor hallway. I love this hallway. It is cosy and bright at the same time and it is the scene of a great deal of life. A carpet would never survive the wear and tear our wooden floor hall gets.

It has to cope with  football boots covered in mud, school bags carelessly thrown down, wet wellies, piles of coats, feet in and out and in and out again! Remote controls cars have raced up and down the hallway. bikes and scooters have been raced up and down and cardboard boxes containing kids have sailed it’s length.

No, most definitely a carpet would not have survived.

There are dents int he floorboards now from my kids and their busy lives and crazy toys and I love that their character is stamped into the very essence of our home.

We do most definitely need our floor sanding and not by us this time we need to get the experts in this time.

I do  think a wooden floor is a great addition to a home in many different ways. What I love most is its robustness and beauty and the fact it tells the story of it’s inhabitants .

making a house a home



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