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Home Décor: Written in the Stars?

 If you’re anything like me, your own interior design style has always been down to nothing more than personal taste and interests, as well as gaining inspiration by flicking through magazines and Pinterest pages.

Recently though, I have become interested in talk on how our horoscopes could influence the choices we make in the interior design of our homes. We often decorate using colours that we feel more attracted to and there is colour psychology that explains this, so could it be possible that our horoscope also has a similar effect on our interior choices?

Your horoscope can tell you a lot about your personality but it’s interesting how it can also tell you a lot about your home. So, does this have any truth behind it and is your home décor style really written in the stars?


Decorating with Horoscopes

If you decorate your home with your horoscope in mind this may help you relax and unwind and even create a happier household. This is because you are creating an environment that reflects your true self. If you live with your partner and family try decorating one of your favourite rooms in the style of your star sign, to make it ‘your’ space.

If you are planning on decorating, you’re likely to go through countless colour charts and DIY stores as I know I have done this many times, so being in touch with your spirituality could help you make decisions faster… and you won’t want to change them in a week’s time!


Written in the Stars? The Star Signs



Aries – If you’re an Aries you are one of the bolder star signs and therefore colour is important to your interior style, ‘colour pop’ (a current interior trend) does well to reflect your bold personality.

Taurus – Born at the end of April or beginning of May, Taurus signs are notoriously known for their stubborn nature, once they have an image in mind they will stick with it. If you’re a Taurus a rich opulent style would suit your tastes.

Gemini – As a Gemini you enjoy setting trends and have a love of surrounding yourself with beautiful pieces of furniture.

Cancer – If you’re a Cancer star sign you are likely to have a sentimental nature and therefore you like to have photos of your love ones around. You are more attracted to natural materials so an ‘outdoors in‘ theme in your home would work well.

outside in, Written in the Stars

Leo – If you’re a Leo you love to be self-expressive and you can reflect this in your home withbold colours such as red, yellow and purple; think royalty and sunniness.

 Virgo – Minimalism and attention to detail are important to you if you’re a Virgo.

 Libra – Natural light is key to you Libras as well as space awareness, so a Feng Shui approach to interior design is ideal.

 Scorpio – As a Scorpio you are likely to decorate your home with a mix of theatrical design and bold colours.

 Sagittarius – A boudoir scheme with a mix of lavish fabrics and patterned wallpaper would work well for you if you are a luxury inclined Sagittarius.

 Capricorn – If you’re a Capricorn sign you have a more mature nature then other signs so darker earth tones are a good option and a shade of grey would also be an ideal choice for a room.

Aquarius – As an Aquarius you will have an appreciation of futuristic modern spaces and colours like silver, so channel an industrial look for your décor.

Pisces – With an artistic and creative personality you Pisces signs need to have the right wall art and colour scheme in your home to reflect your stylish individuality.

If you are interested in the connection between your horoscope and your home décor style, learn more about your horoscope by checking out the Kooma website. They can read your horoscope over the phone or give you free horoscopes online.


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