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Wymeswold Fruit Farm Review – Gorgeous Pick Your Own Strawberries

We live in Nottingham and a Wymeswold fruit farm review had been on our to-do list for ages. 


Wymeswold Fruit Farm review


Wymeswold Fruit Farm Review

Situated just half an hour from us in Leicstershire is a traditional family-run farm where you can pick your own.

It offers a  wide selection of delicious seasonal fruits, including strawberries, raspberries, blackcurrants, rhubarb and more. We were excited to go picking! 

Wymeswold Fruit Farm

Our visit 

Strawberries were high on our agenda and we were worried we may have left a it a little late considering it was mid July, but no! We were pleasantly surprised to find both them and the raspberries in abundance. We heard it go busy on a sunny day so we got there as it opened at 10 am on a Saturday and there was only a small amount of visitors and we could pock to our hearts content. There was a tractor lain on for further way fields but we didn’t bother as there was plenty to hand. 

The scent was just heavenly.

Wymeswold fruit farm review


There was also a sunflower field where you could pick your own  and oh, it was beautiful – just the perfect place for a photo or two and so pretty. We got rather greedy and picked 2 huge baskets of strawberries 2 punnets of raspberries and 5 large sunflowers. 

Had the best afternoon sharing these with family and friends – such a delight.


It was wonderful being out in the lovely fresh air surrounded by all the goodies Wymeswold fruit farm had to offer. What a treat! 


Wymeswold Fruit Farm

(If you go with kids there is also a fun slide and mini ferris wheel on site.)


wymeswold fruit farm review


Wymeswold fruit farm review  – Need to know 

No dogs are allowed. . There is also a toilet on-site and a large car park for your convenience. Find out more here

Address: Wide Ln, Wymeswold, Loughborough LE12 6SE


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