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Your Dream Kitchen Design: Where to Start

Your Dream Kitchen Design: Where to start

When looking at your dream kitchen design, you need to make time to research and evaluate the choices you want to make.

Many of us are guilty of having ‘Kitchen Envy’ when we see a particular kitchen, making time to look into the various options available helps to set out your expectations of your dream kitchen.

can mean you exceed the expectations you set to begin with.



Go through ideas for your dream kitchen design

Before you begin looking at kitchen designers, you need to have a realistic idea of what you are looking for in your new, rejuvenated kitchen space.

To begin with, we recommend that you spend some time exploring kitchen inspiration websites, social media accounts and image focused sites like Pinterest. Using these tools you can begin to visualise your dream kitchen. Creating your own mood board from this, you will realise looking back that you have a certain preference on the design elements of your future kitchen.

For inspiration, Pinterest and Instagram are fantastic platforms where you can scroll to your heart’s content through the millions of kitchen design images and kitchen themed social media accounts that have become increasingly popular.

Another fantastic way to find different styles and trends online, is by looking on kitchen design blogs, with thousands available, you can often find helpful advice and guidance about particular kitchen styles and individual accessories.



Allow the process time

We recommend that you take the time to think about what you want for your home, and along the journey of ideas, it is a great idea to begin saving too.

Do lots of research around the overall cost of your kitchen design, and get a couple of quotes for exactly what you want as well as exactly what you need if you are restricted by budget. You need to look at the design from a realistic perspective and understand where the additional costs may come from.

Consider the additions you would like to add, if budget allows, as you see your design come to life, it is important to ensure you have a sufficient budget to cater to your exact needs.

After you start to see the patterns in the designs that you like, it is the right time to start shopping around for the best deal, look at customer reviews and have specific questions ready for when you get in contact with the designer.



You need to make sure you have the exact match measurements for your kitchen, this is especially important for bespoke kitchens as they are often made to size and do not allow for returns if you did the measurements.

If you are looking at adding an appliance to your kitchen and you find the perfect one, you need to make sure it fits within your dimensions, or work to make it fit your dimensions, to avoid disappointment.



When you are ready, get in touch

When you feel the time is right and you have a basic idea and template of what you would like your kitchen to be like, it is the perfect time to talk to the experts.

A fully qualified designer will be able to provide you with advice, tips, requirements and potentially further areas of improvement that you may not have even thought about.

When looking for your designer, you should look at examples of past work they have done, and also choosing someone local to your location can make the process much easier. More importantly, make sure you feel comfortable with who you choose, as this is an important investment and taking the time you need to pick the right company is vital.


Prepare for your dream kitchen design

As your dream kitchen begins to become a reality it is important to prepare yourself and your home for its arrival.

Firstly, you should ask the designers if there is anything that you can do prior to the work beginning, such as cleaning out cupboards as in most cases this is your responsibility to do before the work can start. You also need to ask yourself questions, like – Do I need someone at home during the design times?

Or, is it better to have the house empty at specific stages of renovations?

At the end of the design, you will feel the reward and joy of having your dream kitchen in place and appreciate your kitchen every time you use it.

Take the thought process and planning time and only begin the implementation when you feel ready.


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