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Your First Duties After A Successful House Move

Duties After A Successful House Move


Let’s take a look at ….Your First Duties After A Successful House Move

It’s important to know just how to act the few weeks after you move into a new property. There is no handbook or manual on this, and every situation is different of course. However, with a few simple pointers, you can begin to ingratiate yourself into the community, begin to build your quality of life and start developing your personality within an environment. This last point might sound strange, but it’s true. We are all products of our environment, and often we find our identities intrinsically linked to them, even if we’re nomads backpacking across a continent.


First Duties After A Successful House Move

After you have moved successfully with a professional firm like 1st Move International Removals, and have unpacked all of your goods, you can begin with the steps listed in this article. To do so will help you ensure you miss nothing, and begin establishing your home life correctly and in a manner that promotes your health and comfort. To ‘settle in’ to a new home might take a good number of months, maybe even a year, but when you do you’ll feel connected, and hopefully relaxed in your new surroundings.


Throw A Housewarming Party

Sometimes you just need to relax and get a little loose in the presence of your neighbours. Inviting people around from your new job, from the neighbourhood or from your new community activity can help you meet people, and get to know them on that intimate level. Remember this needn’t be a massive party. This is not an event you sell tickets to. Sometimes just inviting one of your neighbours family around for dinner can be a nice enough activity, sharing one bottle of wine together, not a party keg of beer in plastic cups to be thrown around your garden.

If you feel as though you need to warm up the house socially, or just show someone around your new space out of pride, throwing a simple housewarming evening can be a wonderful choice.


Meet The Neighbors

Of course, meeting the neighbours will always be the first priority, and it doesn’t take a party to achieve that. Simply knock on doors around your area, maybe three or four houses in either direction. You needn’t introduce yourself to the whole street unless you live in a cul-de-sac or an area with a relatively limited population.

Simply knowing your neighbours can make the entire experience of settling into your street comfortably. Even if you realize only two of six are worth speaking to, at least you have made the positive effort to connect. If you leave this too long, it can be awkward to introduce yourself. It’s not uncommon for neighbours to be strangers to one another for years until a dispute is brought up in the community. This can be a less than stellar way to begin things. Simply knowing who’s in your area can help you connect with the area more. You needn’t be best friends with anyone, but a light familiarity can always help.


Meet The Local Businesses

A great way of meeting people in your local community is to use the local businesses. This might be a baker, a butcher, or a grocer. It might mean sitting in a cafe come early morning and introducing yourself to the owner. Businesses have their ears to the ground regarding community affairs, because they interface with people the most often. Connecting yourself to these firms can help you ingratiate yourself in the community, and slowly feel like you’re part of it.


Check Home Security

Checking your home security and safety measures can be a very important thing to do in the first instance. Primarily you will benefit from ensuring that your home is safe, that your locks are secure, that your windows are solid and that your garden fence has little escape room for your pet. It might also be that you install a CCTV system or a home security network. To do all this will require keeping a diligent inventory of security matters and either fixing or improving them. This can help you feel secure in a new area.

Safety measures are a little different. Connecting yourself to a neighbourhood watch program, ensuring your driveway is free of debris, and preventing your garden bush from impeding the pavement can all be small social or gardening maintenance tasks you should take care of to ensure your home is fully up to speed.

After you have completed all these tips, you might consider alternate methods of feeling more at home. Consider changing the name of the property to something you enjoy, or pain the front door a different color. Before long you will have stamped your mark on the community, the local business familiarity, the security of your home and its aesthetic also.

Then, you can rest, and enjoy the bountiful years of family memories you are sure to make.

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