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YSL Libre Perfume – What Makes it So Special?

If you are looking to buyYSL  libre perfume, parfumdreams is the place to go. The eau de parfum spray, the eau de toiletter spray and le parfum are all available options and this really is the most incredible scent.

I am so excited to tell you more about it.

And oh yes it is most firmly on my Christmas wish list.  There truly is nothing quite like a new perfume to make me happy at Christmas time.




The power of scent

Scent is very powerful and has so many fabulous uses, purposes and qualities.

It can be a treat, an accessory, a little love letter to yourself, a final flourish, enticing, alluring, sexy, sensual and  memory evoking. It can be an invitation to draw a little closer, it can be a balm and it can be message. You can read more about the power of scent here

I love scent and I honestly and absolutely believe it is in of the very best gift you could buy – for yourself or someone else



YSL Libre Perfume

The YSL Libre Perfume scent

The  LIBRE Eau de Parfum by YSL Beauty is all about freedom, ‘freedom without borders’. It is indefinable and all about contrast. Warm, feminine notes of orange meet masculine notes  of lavender and they combine to create a parfum that is sensual, cool and floral – in fact all things to all people.

This parfum took a lot of creating in fact two master perfumers worked for seven years drawing together ingredients including bourbon vanilla, lavender, neroli and orange blossom absolute. It just sounds so delicious doesn’t it! 

The result of their hard work and dedication is  is LIBRE – which of course means freedom.



What reviewers say about Libre perfume 

I love to hear what other wearers have to say about a perfume and Libre gets flourishing reviews, here are a few examples: 


Beautiful exquisite perfume at an amazing price..
I love wearing this perfume as it has such a fabulous scent that lasts. My go-to perfume now.
This is an amazing scent…love it and lasts all day ….
Amazing perfume definitely my new signature scent ! Last forever and gets me loads of compliments!
It is undoubtedly a hit!

YSL Libre Perfume


YSL Libre Perfume  – The bottle 

As the fragrance is all about freedom without borders combing the masculine and feminine – so is the bottle. 

Yves Saint Laurent’s golden logo designed by Cassandre adorns and wraps itself all around the angular glass bottle, a thing of beauty and of contrast. It is truly gorgeous and expensive looking scent bottle and is a metaphor for the male/female scent inside.

Who wouldn’t want this on their dressing table?


De-stress with scent

A lovely scent is a wonderful way to de-stress and a lovely treat. Take a look here at how stress can affect you and remeber how important it is to look after yourself. 



Have you tried YSL Libre Perfume? – I think it is time you did! 


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