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Zerowater Review

Zerowater Review – come and find out what we thought.

I have reviewed a few water filter jugs in my time as a blogger and this is the one that has wowed my family the most.


Zerowater Review


Zerowater Review

ZeroWater is the only water filter brand that delivers the equivalent to purified bottled water.

My whole family agreed it absolutely tastes like bottled water and they were all thrilled with it. It has been in constant use since we unwrapped it.

It’s been found that it removes all dissolved solids in water, from chemicals, iron, lead and more to make pure water. Leading compeitirs remove only a third to 50% of the solids compared to ZeroWater. 

We tested tap water at my home and it was rated 152 on the water contsainer measure meter (which isn’t great) and after the water went into the water filter jug it went to 0, the level required of bottled water,

How absolutely incredible!

Zerowater Review


Zerowater Review




The jug comes in a variety of sizes and water bottles are also available, You get a meter free with each purchase so you can keep an eye of the levels. We love it and at £24.99 for a 7 cup jug we think it is also great value.


Turning wine into Water in a Zerowater Review

 Here is a Video of Phillip Schofield turning red wine into water and reviewing the ZeroWater jug. You must watch this it is actually quite incredible.


I hope you have found our Zerowater Review useful – have you tried it?



For a long time, I really thought oh tap water is good enough you know and could not see the point in any other kind of water..but this tastes so much better and there are no nasties int heir at all. i have definitely changed my mind on this and for me, it is filter water all the time now. Do take a peek at my post  how to drink more water to make sure you are hydrated enough


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