How to Finish your Bathroom on a Budget

While British newspapers continue to discuss the nation’s ongoing economic recovery, this is not being reflected in the pay-packets of its hard working residents. In fact, the Guardian recently reported that disposable income levels would not rise in the UK until 2015 at the earliest, which suggests that households will still need to budget and live frugally for the foreseeable future. This does not necessarily mean that they need to put their home design and refurbishment plans on hold, however, so long as they are able to think creatively and operate on a stringent budget.

bathroom on a budget 

How to Finish your Bathroom on a Tight Financial Budget

 If you are hoping to remodel your bathroom in 2014, for example, what steps can you take to create a beautiful and well-finished bathroom that delivers genuine value for money? 


·         Set a Budget that Reflects an End Goal and your Financial Means: As a starting point, it is important to consider every cost as a potential investment. This enables you to estimate a return on the amount that you spend, which in turn gives you an indication as to whether or not it should be pursued or prioritised. If you are remodelling your home with a view to selling it, for example, you may be able to spend more as you can apply a potential return to the your expenditure. If you are simply modernising the property, however, you should spend more conservatively in the current climate. Your budget should also sit comfortably within your means, so that you negate the need to borrow or take on unnecessary debt.


·         Shop Around for Reputable Suppliers and Deals: While finishing your bathroom will probably represent less than 10% of the overall project in terms of labour, it can be the most costly and crucial exercise. You therefore need to shop around for reputable suppliers and deals, as you look to capitalise on real-time promotions that enable you to cut costs considerably. With this in mind, companies such as the Yorkshire Tile Company are particularly viable, as they regularly advertise their promotions and the deals that they are offering at any given time.


·         Prioritise Individual Costs in Detail: When finishing a room and interior space, it is important to distinguish between each individual cost and prioritise them according to their importance. By looking to save money on the procurement of functional materials such as quality adhesive and cutting tools, for example, you can reinvest this capital into eye-catching fixtures and furnishings that will deliver outstanding value. After all, the finished aesthetic is the metric that people will use to judge your project, so it is crucial to get this right at all costs.


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