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When is the best time to book flights?

Today – When is the best time to book flights?



When is the best time to book flights?

Booking flights is the most crucial part of planning a holiday and I have some really interesting research to share with you that may well affect how and when you plan.

You might think that nowadays booking a flight is the easiest and most convenient thing in the world since you can basically do everything online from the comfort of your personal computer or even from your smartphone.

Well, that is not entirely true A new surprising survey from Opodo shows that, contrarily to common belief, the best time to book flights is during the weekend. Strangely enough, by booking on a Saturday the average passenger can save around 3.95%; same goes for booking on Sunday, which can save you up to 3.37%.


Should you fly during the week?

This obviously goes against the popular belief, which is that it is better to reserve a flight during the week, avoiding the weekend. Well the popular belief is apparently wrong, but let’s take a further look into this survey.


When is the best time to book flights?


When is the best time to book flights? Is it Autumn?

Another interesting fact that emerged from this research concerns the best months to book cheap flights. As a matter of fact, it is better for you to book a flight during Autumn, specifically September and October. Booking in September can save you up to 10.18%, while booking in October allows you to save up to 10.6% off the yearly average price.

Isn’t that interesting?

If you are an occasional flyer, like most of us, you could definitely benefit from these two pieces of advice, and maybe you can save some money the next time you book a flight. Leaving for a holiday is one of the best things in the world, because generally it is associated with the consciousness that you are taking a break from work; but too often this means that you are not willing to spend some extra time – even if it is a really small amount – in finding the best options, which translates to a general waste of money.



So, next time you are looking for a flight, bear in mind booking it on a Saturday or a Sunday can save you money, and it is even better if you can manage to do your booking in Autumn!



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