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A Fabulous Family Shampoo

Family Shampoo


I have recently tried a family shampoo which really worked and I just wanted to tell you a little bit about it . It is really habndy to find a product we can all use. In particular when we go on visits or trips away. So much more convenient to just have the one bottle. But really hard to find something that absolutely suits everyone and meets our needs.

The Clairol 5 in 1 shampoo is a brilliant multitasker (very useful when you are a mum of small people!)  Multitasking is a must isn’t it parents! This shampoo has been designed with the whole family in mind . It uses natural ingredients  so everyone can use it  which is great when you are swimming or traveling – who wants to carry lots of different hair care products.

It has detangling properties (hurray!) we have the most terrible problem with tangles in our fuzzy haired household  and soothing camomile and works for everyone.

How fabulous, it did indeed do all of our hair and was gentle  and nourishing  and smelled really fresh.

We really are delighted with it and will be buying it in future !

RRP £2.50 for 400ml. A great price and available nationwide.





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