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What Not to Miss in the Canary Islands

Are you wondering what not to miss in the Canary Islands? Do you have a holiday booked and are planning your itinerary? This post has some wonderful ideas for you to enjoy during your stay. 


A family friendly destination 

The Canary Islands are perfect for families and this is why they remain one of the most favoured and best loved family hotspots year in and year out. There is just so much to see and do in the Canary Islands that meets everybody’s needs. Let me tell you how and why these lovely islands should be on your family bucket list. 


1.  Take a Camel Ride

Not something you would find here in the UK  but a camel ride in the dunes in Gran Canaria is an amazing vacation experience. Crossing the desert landscape by camel in gorgeous Gran Canaria will be the experience of a lifetime and a much talked about moment from your holiday. 30-minute rides + are available accompanied by Sahawari guides. Even children under 3 can do this as long as they ride with their parents.

How magical! 




2. Go Dolphin and Whale Watching

A dolphin and whale watching cruise  is another spectacular experience for everyone in the group from grandparents to tiny tots. To see these gorgeous animals in their natural habitat as you take a leisurely cruise will be simply awe-inspiring.


Dolphin and Whale Watching


3. Explore the caves in Lanzarote

The amazing caves of North Lanzarote again make a for a brilliant day trip. There are volcanic caves and even an underground garden to explore and it will be a truly unusual experience with loads of opportunities to take the most brilliant photos. An exciting and awesome experience.


What Not to Miss in the Canary Islands



4.  Visit Teide National Park

If you head inland through the pine forests of Tenerife you arrive at  the spectacular Teide National Park with the volcano Mount Teide at its centre. At it’s peak it measures  12,188 ft and it is the highest point in Spain  The lunar landscape around Mount Teide can be seen form a cable car and is the most incredible site (and oh how kids love cable cars!) 


What Not to Miss in the Canary Islands


5. Take a boat to Lobos Island form Fuerteventura

Lobos is a small island of the Canary Islands that can be reached easily by boat as it is just 2 km Fuerteventura. Lobos Island  actually translates as Wolves Island and it was named for the sea wolves that lived there. Today it is a nature reserve and it offers hiking and snorkelling.

It also has a gorgeous lighthouse which you can visit and a sandy beach to relax on.

It makes for a fun and interesting day trip with something for everyone!



Dis you like my list? Well that’s not all …


More amazing things to do in the Canary Islands 

Take a look here for more great things to do whilst in the Canary Islands there truly is so much! 


Where to stay 

There are a range of lovely hotels in the  Barcelo group if you are looing for  places to stay in the following areas

And if you are after a break away from your kids the Barceló Teguise Beach hotel is  Adults Only and has recently been  has been completely renovated is on the seafront  just 150 metres from Las Cucharas beach. Bliss


The Canary Islands are the ideal holiday destination for everyone.



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