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4 Pieces Of Advice To Clean Your Dryer Vent The Right Way

If your dryer is not working normally, it means that it is high time to perform vent cleaning and routine maintenance. Cleaning your dryer regularly helps reduce the risks of clogging, which can cause a fire. Fortunately, you can prevent these disasters by performing routine maintenance and cleaning the dryer vent. This task is simple, and it can significantly improve the performance of your gadget. Here are four pieces of advice to clean your dryer vent the right way.

Advice To Clean Your Dryer Vent


1.  Locate the Dryer

First and foremost, you must locate the dryer’s ventilation system to clean it properly. Most dryers have a short diameter exhaust that connects to the ductwork inside the wall. The ductwork consists of pipes that carry hot air outside the laundry room through an opening. There is a cap on the exit vent that you must locate. This cap opens to allow the hot air to escape but automatically shuts when the washing machine is not in use to keep animals at bay. You need to carefully analyze all the components of the ductwork and make sure you replace them correctly after cleaning. All the connections should be airtight to prevent any leaks. 

2.  Get an Appropriate Dryer Cleaning Kit

Before you begin the process of cleaning your dryer vent, make sure you have an appropriate cleaning kit. Professionals behind thinktankhome.com/dryer-vent-cleaning-kit/ explain that with the right kit, the task is very simple and this can save you from hiring a professional. The kit comes with all the necessary tools that you need to clean the vent thoroughly. No skill is required to operate the vent cleaning kit. There is a brush and several extension rods inside the kit that you can use to reach deeper areas inside the vent.  

When cleaning the vent, insert a rod with a brush at the end inside the duct. Depending on the setup of your system, you can do this from outside. It is a good idea to clean the duct from the highest position to take advantage of gravity so that the clogged debris falls. The rod should reach the furthest point in the duct. You can easily collect the lint from the floor when you finish cleaning.   

3.  Unplug the Dryer

When all your tools are ready, unplug the dryer from your wall socket to avoid electrical shocks or damaging the machine. The next step is to remove all clamps or tape that keeps the dryer vent pipe attached to the exhaust. Carefully study the connection system so that you can choose the best angle to clean the material from the pipes. Push the appliance away to create more working space.

Similarly, if your dryer runs on natural gas, make sure you do not disturb the line if you want to move the unit to create working space. All the hooks on the hose must be tightly attached to avoid leakage of gas. Gas leaks can be very dangerous since they can cause a fire. If you are not sure of what you are doing, it is better to call a professional than to regret when you destroy your property.


Advice To Clean Your Dryer Vent

4.  Remove Debris

The next and most important stage is to clean the dryer. Closely inspect the vent and check debris that is removable by hand. Do it carefully to avoid sharp objects that can injure your hands. To be safe, wear protective gloves and clean all components slowly to avoid damages. You must also use a vacuum to clean all the small particles from the lint. The next step is to clean the exterior vent. Look inside before cleaning and pull bigger particles clogging the system. Clear all the parts closer to the vent outside since they can obstruct airflow.

If you are using a spinning rod, you must avoid pushing it hard since it can disturb the joints. The process usually takes a few minutes, so take your time. When you are satisfied that everything is clean, return each component to its original position. Perform a test run and check for any leaks that can affect performance.

Clogged dryers can lead to an outbreak of fires, and they may not dry your clothes properly. When you realize that your dryer is not functioning, as usual, you should clean the vent to remove debris and other unwanted particles. Cleaning the dryer is easy as long as you know the steps to take. Make sure that the dryer is unplugged and get the ideal maintenance kit before cleaning it. Remove all particles blocking the vent and test the machine before using it.


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