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Are you alone or are you feeling lonely?

Everyone feels lonely – doesn’t matter if one is an extrovert or an introvert.

Even before the current Covid time – people were feeling isolated and craved connections. Loneliness is a mixed bag of feelings and emotions – and causes people to lose perspective.

Being alone and feeling lonely are not the same. You feel lonely when you are disconnected from people – this can happen at work, school, or in social situations. Life events like — the loss of a loved one, or a cross-country move — can lead to loneliness, but one can experience this feeling, especially when they feel their interactions lack authenticity or emotional depth.


Are you alone or are you feeling lonely?


Being alone and feeling lonely are 2 different things. One can feel lonely even when surrounded by people – what we need is to connect with people who are like us, who share our interests.  So, what do you do when loneliness strikes; here are some tips and strategies that can help:

  • THINK: Try and understand why you are feeling lonely. Dig into your thoughts and emotions – and you might just find the reason and a solution. You might have to probably increase you social circle or may be need a career change.

ME TIME: When you are always surrounded by people, you tend to get used to it and not able to handle it when alone. Try indulging in some activities like reading, watching a movie or just traveling alone – this will bring you closer to yourself.

  • REDUCE ONLINE TIME: Being online most of the time, takes a toll on your social outlook. Try and stay away from online for some time every day.

One might end up thinking that people don’t care about them. Yes, people get busy with their lives – but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there for you. Reach out! Call them, send them a text, or even an email.

  • PARTICIPATE: Take up activities that interest you. It could be a game, a walk, or just a simple discussion. This keeps your mind active.
  • BUILD RELATIONSHIPS: Relationships take time to develop, give some time and space; yet keep communicating. Keeping in touch is paramount to nurture relationships.


Are you alone or are you feeling lonely?


All storms pass. Things might get problematic during certain phases of life – but remember that the loneliness that you feel shall pass.

Try these out and for sure you will overcome your loneliness.

Loneliness is painful, and when it goes on for long periods of time, it would impact our well-being. Overcome this and meet people who share the same interests as you do.

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