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10 better things to do with your time than assemble furniture

Oh dear – I hate to have to assemble furniture

How do you find Furniture Assembly?

I think it’s on a par with going to the dentist for a long treatment that makes your face ache for days.

I have to say it completely does my head in, a flatpack. Some people seems to do a great job with them and then others, like me, seem to go to pieces. On the (very) odd occasion I have actually managed to construct something from a flatpack, I will have

  1. Wasted an entire morning at the very least
  2. Done a poor job of it and the item will most probably be wobbly. not work properly or fall apart with in a week
  3. Got into a real foul mood and upset everyone in the house in the process

Usually there are tears and tantrums (and these aren’t from my poor neglected kids, these are from me!) Oh I can always think of a host of better things to be doing with my time.

Thing like these…

info furn

We adore a summer bike ride as a family and absolutely love picnics. These ideas sound SO much more fun than flat packs!


The assemble furniture infographic is provided by Servico who are furniture repair, restoration & assembly specialists, they provide services to the public as well as to businesses. 


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