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The Benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift and other Cosmetic Procedures

A friend of mine recently had a Brazilian Butt Lift  and she is literally bouncing along in her life. She feels full of vim and vigor and she is so happy with her new look as her last one was flat and saggy. Whilst mine is definitely big enough already  it prompted me to think a bit more about cosmetic procedure benefits

Over recent years (from about age 45) I have noticed so many changes in my body that make me feel a little sad. My boobs are less ‘bouyant’ and wrinkles line my face. My tummy isn’t tight at all.  I don’t mind ageing per se but I would like to feel firmer and tighter and look much more toned. It adds to my confidence levels and makes me happier to look good so doing something about the areas I am unhappy with has been on my mind. 

Absolute Cosmetics provides the solutions to all my cosmetic concerns and it has been really interesting to look through their range of ‘before and after photos’ to see what is possible. I was encouraged to see how very natural the changes looked and the range of options available too. 

Dermal fillers or a face lift are two treatments I never actually thought I would consider but the impact of these look phenomenal and the years seem to fall away in the after photos. Plumping and tightening the skin can make a dramatic difference. How I yearn to look young and fresh again. 



Money well spent

I spend an small fortune on my hair, on my clothes and on make up and going to the gym and I do this because I like to look good. I’ve had tattoos and pierced my ears and I have my nails painted so I have altered my body  in many ways to look how I want it to.

I used to feel a bit uncomfortable about cosmetic procedures, considering them vain and unnecessary but I feel differently about them now. Now I just see them as additional preening – a step towards feeling my best self.   ‘

Yes cosmetic procedures aren’t cheap but payment plans are available and you do want to pay a decent price for decent work. After all it is key to remember that this is your body and you want any procedure to be in really safe hands.

I feel investing in yourself and your confidence is a very good use of your money. Confidence of course should not rely entirely on your physical appearance but of course it does to  to some extent help you feel good if you look good. I have recently lost quite a significant amount of weight and the compliments I have had put me on cloud nine. 


Brazilian Butt Lift


Final thoughts on the benefits of a Brazilian Butt Lift and other Cosmetic Procedures 

It is of course always important to bear in mind though individual results may vary and you will respond differently to treatment than others and it will look slightly different. Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risk even if that risk is minimal and that before proceeding you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified practitioner.

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