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How to find the perfect venue

I remember when we were getting married we had everything beautifully and easily arranged. Well almost everything.


We used our local church in our parish for the actual wedding. My husbands good friend had a beautiful car so he was our chauffeur for the day! Flowers were from a florist in our neighbourhood we had used often and who we knew did the most beautiful arrangements, the dress I bought one lunchtime from work. It was a simple and  beautiful dress I had seen in the shop window. Everything was so smooth and so easy except for finding a venue. That quite frankly was really, REALLY tricky.

There are a lot of venues around where we live but my goodness me finding the right one took a huge amount of work. Time after time we would find the places we wanted already booked up, too expensive, unwilling to carer for a purely vegetarian wedding, unwilling to host children or unable to accommodate my cousins band (who were playing for free so a must-have!)

I was about pulling my hair out and I honestly thought we would end up with nowhere at all or spending way, way over our budget (which we really did not want to do.)

I wish I had known about  Venuefinder  back then in the midst of wedding organising basically it is a free venue finding service that takes the hard work out of finding a venue. That would have been fabulous! It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a conference, party, wedding, meeting room space or training room Venuefinder can find it for you. They offer a free database of over 15,000 UK and international venues.

With every enquiry the venue finding team come back with 3 suitable venues for your event in a proposal form listing the cost savings, venues, locations etc. This saves you both time and money making enquiries yourself. You simply give them a call or fill in a contact form on the website and they get to work for you. The service is free as they are supported by the hotels and venues.

How useful is that!

How to find the perfect wedding venue int he UK

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