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How to prepare for a road trip in the UK

Our holidays have been altered dramatically by the pandemic. Heading abroad is an uncertainty: it can be hard to predict when travelling restrictions might change and the expensive tests you might need to gain entry. Naturally, holidays within the UK have grown in popularity – searches for “staycation” have gone up by 511 per cent! So why not do a UK road trip instead?




Planning the route

Planning your route can be exciting, but it also takes a little time. First of all, it’s best to work out a start and end point. Usually, it’s easiest to pick one location for both, to save on costs. Next, depending on your time frame you’ll want to plan which stops to make. For instance, if you’re starting and ending in Manchester over a four-day period, you might want to plan some scenic stops on the way to Glasgow. Once this is prepared, you can book accommodation for each nightly stop.


Car maintenance checks

Travelling by car will give you the most freedom on a road trip. But you’ll need to make sure everything is in top condition before you set off. Book an MOT online for a start – any car in the UK needs a valid MOT to be driven. On top of this, you’ll want to check the car is safe for a road trip. Ensure that the engine has enough oil and coolant, plus check to see if your tyres have optimal tread and air pressure. Finally, work out how many people will be driving during the trip and just make sure they’re all insured.



What to pack

Once you know that you have a route sorted and your vehicle’s in good shape, you should consider what to pack. Everyone will have different miscellaneous items they’d like to bring, but there are essentials too. Bring all the necessary documents, such as your accommodation booking forms and drivers’ licence. Then make sure you have plenty of food to keep you going. Extra layers of clothing and rainproof gear can also be handy in the UK. A car phone charger can also ensure that your phone’s ready at any moment.

A road trip can be plenty of fun. To have the best staycation, ensure that you have an exciting route, pack the right items and have the car serviced ahead of the trip.



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