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How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room

Have you ever wondered how to select the right TV for your Living Room?

The market is full of incredible options for TVs, so we understand why you need some help selecting the right TV for your home. They have been a significant source of family entertainment ever since their commercialisation, and the innovation has been phenomenal.

However, the demand and market for TVs have also led us to our current state where there are so many options that we don’t know which to choose for our living room. Luckily, we like to explore modifications to enhance your home and have prepared this guide to help you choose a TV.


How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room


Why you Need to Choose a TV Carefully

Selecting the right TV for your living room is significant because the decision affects your routine in several ways. Following are some of the most prominent factors you’ll need to consider when buying a new one.

  • Experience

The TV you choose will affect your overall entertainment experience at your home. Without choosing features that better accommodate your needs, you will not get the total value out of your purchase. 

  • Comfort

Your TV choice will also affect your comfort level, especially if the sizing and other physical attributes are not the best fit for your living room. Hence, you need to consider several components before making the correct choice.

  • Home Aesthetic – How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room

Televisions automatically draw attention to themselves, affecting the overall impression your room makes on the onlooker. Therefore, it is always better to check for design compatibility to ensure the appliance fits the home aesthetic.


How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room


Tips for Selecting the Right TV for your Living Room

While many people think getting the TV with the best features is essential, the truth can be a little different. The most advanced features improve a viewer’s experience, but the choice also needs to look at appliance and room compatibility.

Here are some tips for selecting the right TV for your living room to help you make a perfect choice.

  • Consider the TV Size

Even though your TV is one of the main features of your living room, it should not be the only one. You should consider the size of the TV in proportion to your room dimensions when buying to ensure you don’t end up with too small or too large a TV.

To calculate the right size, you need to determine where you will set the TV up. If you are setting it up on a wall, consider the wall dimensions before making the final choice. If your wall cannot accommodate the size of the TV you like, you can switch the arrangement or buy a smaller TV.

If you are setting it up on a table instead, its size and strength should factor in your decision. Don’t buy something your table will collapse under.


How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room

  • What is the Viewing Distance?

Viewing distance is the distance between the TV and the spot from where you will be watching it. The greater the distance, the bigger your screen size needs to be to get the best experience. 

Generally, a 42” inch TV gives the perfect viewing experience when the viewing distance is 8ft. If your viewing distance is higher, the ideal TV size will increase proportionally. 

  • Think about Your Lifestyle

Although TVs make a significant difference to our homes, think about your lifestyle before getting one. Is watching TV a vital part of your routine? Do you live with your family or do you live alone? Will you be using the TV for watching shows and movies, or will you be using it for gaming?

Answers to these questions will play a critical role in determining which TV you should opt for.

  • Screen Resolution Selection

There are several layers to deciding which screen resolution is suitable for you. Flat-screen TVs come in LED, OLED, Plasma, and LCD resolution options, also considered their native resolution. Plasma and LCD resolutions were the initial offerings for flat screens. However, both have several display limitations.

LED and OLED TVs are the current standards for high quality, with OLED giving better results, especially if you have created a theatre-like dark ambience in your room.

The next consideration should be the pixels. There’s HDTV and 4K, both of which are amazing in their own right. 4K is ultra HD and understandably more premium, but it also comes with a premium price tag, so you need to think about how much you need the higher definition in resolution.

  • Budget

As fun as it is to explore all the fantastic features available, you need to remember that the fancier they are, the more expensive they are as well. It is always best to decide on a budget after initial surface research before doing an in-depth analysis.

If the TV with the best features exceeds your spending limit, cut down on features you feel you can compromise on without making a significant difference to your viewing experience.

Once you have the set of features that will fit your budget, you can finalise your purchase and bring your new TV home.

  • Brand

While the brand is not the only aspect you should be looking at, it can be helpful when choosing between two attractive options. Brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony are famous for the exceptional quality of their products and offer warranties.

If your primary options are a 55″ of a relatively less known brand and a 52″ Sony, it would be better to choose the latter. The size difference will be barely noticeable, but a Sony TV will likely have significantly better picture quality and durability.


Wrapping Up – How to Select the Right TV for your Living Room

Overall, selecting the right TV is about more than just finding the best features. Your choice should be compatible with your lifestyle, room, budget, etc. It also needs to go well with the general décor of your house without disrupting the settings or making your living room too crowded.

We hope you enjoyed reading this guide and will use the information here when looking for TVs for your home.

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