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The Modern Design of a Wet Room

Today – The Modern Design of a Wet Room

Your home can be full of clutter and chaos but it’s best to keep the bathroom as a place of relaxation. Wet rooms transform your traditional bathroom into a large, one-room shower. They do away with shower tracks, doors and tubs.



The modern design of a wetroom

One of the great benefits of installing a wet room is the unlimited options you have. There are various materials you can use to help you create the exact space you want. Keep it luxurious with marble or get creative with mosaic tiles. Whatever you choose, your space should represent you and your personality. It’s a great way to showcase your designer’s eye and imagination.

They are also highly functional. Smart, compact and contained, adding a wet room to your home can solve a lot of practical issues. It’s a great addition to your home when there are children that like to run around or people with mobility issues. The obstacles of the shower tracks or high tubs can be dangerous, but in a wet room, the flooring is installed on the same level with a slip-free top coat making it safer and easier to navigate. Step in and out of the shower with ease – no slips, knocks or tears.


Easy to clean

Wet rooms are easy to clean and are extremely low maintenance (depending on the materials you choose). Forget about cleaning shower doors or mouldy shower curtains. There are less corners that are prone to residue build-up, making that spring cleaning a breeze.

Remember, wet rooms need to be completely waterproof in order to prevent leaks and damage. Use materials that are absorbent and slip-proof. There is a range of tiles that can be used and, generally, tiling is installed from floor to ceiling to ensure that water damage doesn’t occur from the steam.


Wet rooms in small bathrooms

If you have a small bathroom, wet rooms are great space savers. They don’t use doors that constrict the overall area, giving you the freedom to move around. If you are installing a wet room in a small space, be aware of the fixtures and other items that you choose. Your wet room may call for one partition between the shower and the toilet, just to avoid splash.

A wet room can be cheaper to install than a traditional bathroom, which in part explains their booming popularity for remodelling and new builds. As a result of that growing popularity, they can also increase the value of your home – which, along with their classic yet contemporary feel, is another extremely attractive feature of wet rooms!


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