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PizzaStorm Vegan Menu

Last week PizzaStorm vegan menu was launched. Yes, that’s right PizzaStorm launched a BRAND NEW menu and we were more than delighted to be asked to pop in and review it.

They have some exciting new additions such as a Vegan Hoisin Duck, and a mouth-watering cookie dough for dessert. We were so keen to try this. We are an all veggie family and well we love cookie dough. This was just perfect for us.


PizzaStorm launch a new Vegan Menu


PizzaStorm Vegan Menu

PizzaStorm in Nottingham is always a lovely place to eat, we love you can create your own pizza, the food quality and choice is great, service is super speedy and you pay at the till so really you can be in and out pretty quickly (rather than waiting for ages for your order to be taken then ages again to get your bill. It definitely meets a family’s needs!

Would you like to see what we tried?

My OH opted for the Vegan Hoisin duck which comes with Soy and Vegan cheese and he declared it delicious.



I  made a build our own veggie feast as did my kids and had a try the new squash and mac cheese. Oh my goodness I just loved it! Added a whole new dimension to mac ‘n’ cheese.



We also tried the new garlic bites and oh the cookie dough which was just delicious. Warm cookie dough and ice cream were absolutely scrummy.



I would seriously visit just to have that!

So did this new menu go down well with us veggies? Oh yes it really did and we will most definitely go back! (There are new non-veggie things to I hear!)



Take a peek at PizzaStorm Vegan menu for more info


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