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Should I repair or replace my old roof?

Should I repair or replace my old roof?Perhaps you are moving house and you are having a little look around your property before calling a realtor and you clock how and your roof is looking. Perhaps you see some imperfections and it is looking shabby. Most of us just do NOT fancy getting out a ladder and attempting to fix something so important. It’s not safe and it matters too much. It is definitely time to call in the professional’s. Honest Abe Roofing has been installing, repairing, and maintaining residential roofs since 2007. They will tend to a leaky roof, lost or damaged shingles, or even provide full roof replacement. So from  gutter inspection and repair, and roof and gutter installation  and emergency services, for when a roofing repair is urgent. Having a roofing contractor you know and trust  at your fingertips is smart. You never quite know when you will need one. 


Why repair a roof

Your roof should last on average for about 30 years so a whole roof replacement is often completely unnecessary ( unless terrible fire or intense storm damage) This doesn’t mean however that you need to get up on your roof and start making repairs yourself even though this may seem like  the cheapest and fastest option. Rooves matter they c keep your house structurally solids and they keep your contents warm safe and dry. It is not a job for amateurs.

Climbing up the ladder can be a hazard in itself, you probably don’t and won’t have the right safety gear to be up so high or know the tricks of the trade to keep yourself secure when up there. Coupled with that you won’t have the expertise or even the right materials to do the job as well. It could be done so a water of time , effort, energy and money and it is possible you could do even further damage. 

It really is worth calling in a professional roof contractor who has the right tools and experience and insurance! to fix your problem.  You don’t want  it to become a DIY disaster.


Why replace a roof

As I mentioned previously the typical life span of a roof is around 20 years and sometimes  for a whole host of reasons they just need full on replacing.  Do check on your insurance before you go ahead and pay for this though because you may well be covered for this. You can find out more about roof insurance here – and if you don’t have it i strongly do suggest you look into it as it can cover a myriad of possibilities.


Should I repair of replace my old roof?

If you are unsure whether you need a full roof replacement  or juts a repair then do contact a roofing contractor (with an established business and a good trust rating) to give you a proper assessment.  You give your car an MOT and trust your mechanic s advice don’t you so do the same for your roof. Call in an expert. 

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