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The benefits of LEGO

The benefits of LEGO are many 

LEGO has been around for decades, taking pride of place as a favourite children’s toy that remains timeless throughout the years. From building objects to playing with famous fictional characters such as Batman or Harry Potter, there are endless uses for this simple toy.

But as well as being recreational, LEGO also has fantastic educational purposes too – helping to cement fundamental skills within children from an early age.

In this article, we explore the different benefits that LEGO can have.


The benefits of LEGO

Improves creative thinking

LEGO requires children to give careful consideration to building their creations. It gives classmates a chance to put down the rule book of learning and enjoy playtime freely. Children can build whatever they desire, from cars, and boats, to homemade robots, or dinosaurs. The whole point of LEGO is that there is no right or wrong. It’s simply an opportunity for children to let their creativity run wild. Whatever they choose to make, the building aspect will always require critical thinking, which helps to further their educational requirements.


Improves fine motor skills

It may come as a surprise, but LEGO can also help to improve fine motor skills in children from an early age. Any activity that can help to build on these specific skills can hugely benefit your child’s development. LEGO requires children to use their muscles in a similar way to writing. Connecting each block with careful precision helps to improve hand-eye coordination, while fine-tuning motor skills in the process.


Develops STEM skills

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This is a pivotal strand within education that helps to shape our children’s future by teaching them important skills that are transferrable into their adult lives. Teachers nowadays are working hard to include more STEM education throughout KS1 and KS1 curriculum, as there have been proven benefits that these subjects can bring to child development. LEGO education was designed specifically with this in mind and is a great addition to any classroom during STEM-focused learning.

The benefits of LEGO


Encourages problem-solving

LEGO is all about creating and building. Naturally, If children have a creation in mind, they have to overcome problems by applying logical thinking to the outcome they are trying to achieve. This could be considering how to form a particular shape of something, what colours are best to use, or even what side-along pieces they can build to build a whole scene. For example, if you asked a child to build an underwater scene, they’d have to consider what different animals they could build that they would find under the sea – such as a shark, a fish, a turtle, etc to complete the scene as a whole.


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