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The benefits of silent bathroom extractor fans

The bathroom is a very important place. Whether it is to start your day, to rinse off a heavy day or just to prepare yourself for a wonderful night out. The last thing you need when visiting the bathroom is to be bothered by the noise of your ventilation system. Silent ventilation systems are becoming increasingly popular in homes as people aim to reduce noise pollution. But did you know that silent ventilation can also provide numerous health benefits for the bathroom? In this blog, we’ll discuss why silent ventilation is often preferred for bathrooms and how it improves air quality and health in the room.


Silent bathroom extractor fans vs traditional extractor fans

First of all, let’s take a look at what makes silent bathroom extractor fans different from traditional mechanical exhausts. Silent fans are typically much quieter than their conventional counterparts as they use specific technology to minimize sound output when running. They come with additional features such as speed control which helps conserve power, making them cost-effective too! Installing a quiet extractor fan will dramatically improve your experience while using the bathroom. This is by reducing excess noises or smells around quite significantly and therefore creating an ambient atmosphere where one feels comfortable and relaxed while taking care of business without any distracting background noise present. Silent ventilation for the win!


Other benefits 

But beyond just providing peace and quiet in your home, installing a silent extraction system has some significant advantages compared to regular standard units:


Improved Air Quality 

Traditional extractors cause turbulence within ductwork leading to aerosols that have extremely damaging consequences on indoor air quality over time whereas, with a whisper-quiet installation, there is no associated turbulent airflow keeping dust particles contained. The result: a much healthier environment overall! 


Increased Life Expectancy 

With reduced RPM rates and improved motors used on premium models, manufacturers offer extended service lifetimes. This means they might last longer (up to 8 years) before needing maintenance.


Lower Costs Over Time

Decreased motor speed means electricity consumption is kept lower. This way homeowners can save on bills over time. By decreasing the operating temperature by a little bit, these silent bathroom extractor fans use less electricity than conventional ones. 

To sum things up: choosing a proper dedicated unit from specialized companies, and quietly performing ventilators could be exactly what is needed if you want to get clean with mind, body, and soul. A shower can be a cleansing experience without that noise in the background!



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