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The Best Tips for Beginner Runners

 The Best Tips for Beginner Runners and how they can really help.

Running is a great way to stay active. Whether you run on a treadmill indoors, or hit the sidewalks and trails outside, going for a run is sure to help you burn off some calories. It can also help release endorphins and maybe even relieve a little stress.

For some, running comes easy, but for others, running is an exercise to dread. If the latter applies to you, here are the best tips for beginner runners.



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The Best Tips for Beginner Runners


The best Tips for Beginner Runners


Warm Up

As with any exercise, it is important that you allow your body time to warm up. During your warm up, be sure to include stretches, and do not forget to stretch your calves! When your body is not used to running, your muscles will be sore the next day, but stretching will help prevent injuries.


Start Slow

You may be tempted to jump right into your run, but as a beginner you will want to be sure to take it slow. If you begin by running as hard and as fast as you can, you will tire very quickly and will lose motivation. Instead, start off with a brisk walk and then jog for a short distance.

Continue with a brisk walk and short jogs, until you feel comfortable upping your pace and the distance of your jogs. There are plenty of beginner running apps that help you with this, or you can even use landmarks or streets. For instance, do a brisk walk past ten mailboxes, and then jog past twenty mailboxes. As you gain endurance you can drop the brisk walks and go for a continuous jog or run.


Cool Down

At the end of your run, be sure to give your body a cool down. This is essential because it gradually allows your breathing and heart rate to gradually return to their resting rate. To cool down, simply end your run with a brisk walk, and then give your muscles one more good stretch before you hit the shower.


Be Consistent

One of the best pieces of advice I can give a new runner is to be consistent. While you may not run your best every time, it’s still important to be consistent in your running. You may run a short distance today and a long distance tomorrow.

Of course, with remaining consistent, you will also want to ensure you’re taking rest days as necessary.The best tips for beginner runners are bout creating great habits. Have a look at the NHS website for further guidance


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