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The Best Way to Create A Spa-Like Bathroom Experience in Your Home

Do you long to create a spa-like bathroom in your home?

Having a spa-like bathroom is a must for anyone who loves a bit of luxury. But it can also be a lot of work. How do you create the perfect spa experience in your home without spending a fortune? Well lucky for you, we have our top four tips on upgrading your bathroom. 


Create A Spa-Like Bathroom


Shop Around for the Best Deals to create a spa-like bathroom

You will want to ensure you have the best deals available. The best thing to do is do research online.

There are many online bathroom retailers, such as Bathroom Planet. Here you will have access to a vast array of bathroom goods and be able to upgrade your bathroom in style at an excellent price.

No matter how you choose to bring your bathroom to the next level, there is no shortage of options to do it. 


Upgrade your Brassware

Next up is upgrading your brassware. This could be your basin or bath taps, or both. There are dozens of options to choose from, but there are a few things that might restrict your options a little. 

For bath taps, you’ll need to consider the style of bath taps you currently have. Your bath could have anywhere from one to five tap holes, depending on your set up. Also, it could be deck mounted, wall-mounted, or even freestanding. Most commonly, you’ll see one or two tap holes deck mounted. This style of bath tap offers a lot of choices. You could switch a set of pillar taps for a two tap hole solution that blends both hot and cold flows for a flow at the right temperature. 

If you upgrade your basin taps, the same considerations apply apart from you would choose between deck or wall-mounted. Again, there will be an extensive range to choose from. 

Now where it gets fun. No matter which style of taps you select, there is a broad range of materials to choose from, from chrome, stainless steel, matt black, to brushed brass. There is even a basin mixer with a spectrum finish for those truly adventurous. 


Install a Walk-In Shower Enclosure

Another way you can bring your bathroom to the next level of luxury is by installing a walk-in shower enclosure. This style of shower enclosure involves a large glass panel and paired with a shower tray. It brings an incredibly luxurious feel to any space. 

No matter if you have a small bathroom or a large family one. There is a wide range of sizes to choose from to suit all installation options.  


Switch your Bath for a Whirlpool Bath to create a spa-like bathroom

If you enjoy a long relaxing soak after a day at work, then this might be the part of your bathroom you’d like to focus on. One way you could do this is by switching your bath for a whirlpool bath (also known as a jacuzzi bath). 

At a glance, this style of bath may look like a standard model. But at closer inspection, you’ll see several small jets into the sides. These jets gently massage your body while you lie back and relax. Definitely something to look forward to after a hard day.



Add a Splash of Colour

We will start with a simple change that can bring a little colour into your bathroom. This could be in the form of painting a wall, adding bright towels, a shower curtain, or a shower mat. These changes can likely be done over a weekend and easy to implement, and usually don’t cost very much either. Full marks for speed and affordability. 

You’ll be able to pick up most of these things from your local B&Q or supermarket. If you need a little inspiration on styles on which colours to pick, it can be a good idea to look on Pinterest for ideas.  


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