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The Importance of Local Events

Local events can reinstate a sense of community spirit between Fridays, families and neighbours. Many communities drifted apart in the pandemic as we stayed at home for months on end. As the UK begins to reopen, it’s time to bring local communities back together so they can support one another through the post-pandemic era.

Here are a few benefits of holding local events in your town.


The importance of local events


Creates new business opportunities

Local businesses took a big hit in the pandemic. Community events can promote small businesses in the area and encourage locals to invest in them. You could hold an event without various food and drink stalls from local cafes, restaurants and pubs. Locals can try samples and get to know the owner behind the food.


Establish a town identity

Your town needs to find its own identity to attract visitors and keep old traditions alive. Community events could be scheduled around public holidays and town traditions, like pumpkin carving at Halloween. Locals can bond over the history of the traditions and how they have evolved over time. Hopefully, your community will build a strong identity and take pride in where they live.


Ready to mingle

Some people in your community might be feeling lonely and isolated after the last year. A town event can encourage them to socialise with people again. You can create memorable events together and connect over your struggles in the last year. After all, good company is the best remedy for loneliness.

Try to get everyone involved and engaged with the event. You could ask everyone to bring their own dish to a Christmas buffet followed by carol singing. Everyone can share food and discuss which dish they made for the event.


Ticket some events

Parks and recreational areas need funding. Your event could aim to raise money for your local community centre or to renovate the local park. Ask locals to purchase a ticket for a small fee and hold a few raffles at the event as well. Use an event app to organise the event and sell tickets to local people.

You should tell people why the community needs money and the difference it will make to the town. They are far more likely to relate to the cause and support it if they understand the situation.


Work experience

Local teenagers are probably looking for work experience or volunteering opportunities to put on their CVs. Encourage them to sign up for the event and they can help run the logistical side of things. They could manage the tickets, organise decorations and send out invitations. Young people need to learn about the importance of community events so they can keep the tradition alive.

There is less emphasis placed on local communities these days. It’s important to remember the history of your area and the support network in place.


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