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These 4 Bathroom Gadgets Will Make Your Mornings Easier

We all love and embrace technology these days: From the smartwatch to the laptop to the newest smartphones, there’s seemingly a gadget or app for just about everything.

Although we’re still some time away from our homes looking like something from the year 3042, many useful pieces of tech are available for consumers to purchase for their bathrooms. These gadgets and gizmos range from “cool” to “useful” to “how exactly do I use this?” but you can’t deny that they deserve a go.

If you’re looking for some futuristic household items that will almost definitely quicken up your mornings in the bathroom, then take a look at these suggestions.


Bathroom Gadgets Will Make Your Mornings Easier

Cutting-edge hair styling tool

There are hundreds of styling irons out there which are decent, but for those who use one every day and fret about hair damage, then we may have found the perfect solution: a straightening and styling iron called T3 Lucia ID.

This little darling has nine heat pre-sets, but more than that, it will automatically choose the correct option based on your hair type. You simply input some information on the touch-screen and it’ll do the rest… brilliant!


Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

How much time do you discard when waiting for the bathroom mirror to defog after a shower? Probably too much, if we’re honest. That’s exactly why the Artforma backlight LED mirror is an absolute blessing for the bathroom, as it has many useful features we need these days.

For one, the mirror has a component when it doesn’t even steam up at all, so you’ll be able to see your reflection even after the cloudiest bath or shower in the world. What’s more, the backlight element means you’ve got a brilliant white light that helps you with make-up, hair, shaving, etc. If you add basin taps with features like touchless tech, then you’re winning the bathroom gadget game right away.

If all that wasn’t enough, the smart mirror can display a clock and weather for the day, which helps when you’re running late and need to know your outfit! It’s possible to connect your phone via Bluetooth and use the wireless speakers behind the mirror.


Revolutionary body weight scale

Many of us are typically a bit afraid to step onto the scale for fear of what the results will be, but if you’re trying hard to lose weight or even gain some, then the Withings Wi-Fi smart scale is fantastic.

The accuracy is completely spot-on (no more rounding it down to the nearest number) and the scale can synchronise to an app that will track your weekly progress and provide helpful analysis. You’ll also learn about body fat, muscle, and bone mass, in addition to weight.


A toothbrush for the ages

A toothbrush? Not very exciting is it? Well, wait until you try the Oral B iO electric toothbrush and feel the difference. The iO is amazing because when combined with the app, it can tell you (before your dentist does) where you’re brushing too hard or not enough.

Plus, the toothbrush can change cleaning modes from sensitive to gum cleaning to teeth whitening, for instance, and it will also light up green when you’re brushing correctly, and red when you’re pushing too hard and potentially damaging gums. Now you’ll never be afraid when someone takes a picture and says, “Say cheese!”



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