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Tips for Choosing the Best Wooden Hot Tub For your Garden

Tips for Choosing A Wooden Hot Tub For your Garden – lets explore how to go about this.

A simple addition of a wooden hot tub can transform your garden into a little haven. It takes a lot of decision making to find and install a perfectly functional and aesthetic tub. Talk about the size, colour, the choice of timber, the accompanying accessories and maintenance, there are many factors you must explore.


Tips for Choosing A Wooden Hot Tub For your Garden

We’ve put together some helpful tips to help you choose the right wooden hot tub that suits your home, lifestyle and of course budget. They include the following:


Tips for Choosing A Wooden Hot Tub For your Garden


  • Determine the size of the tub

It’s common to find more than one person in the wooden hot tub at any given time. Therefore, the first thing you need to establish is how big should your tub be? Think about the number of people that will be sitting in as well as the amount of space that is available in your garden.

You don’t want a tub that will take up the entire space in your garden so that you can no longer enjoy hosting friend or family gatherings outdoors. Generally, you can opt for a big tub if your outdoor space is not limited. This way, you’ll be able to cater for any extra number of people whenever you’re hosting social gatherings at home.


  • Be clear about why you need the tub

Different people go for wooden hot tubs for different reasons. Whether you’re interested in the tub for its therapeutic benefits or you’re looking at it as a great way to relax and connect with your family, you need to make it clear.

Soaking up in a hot tub presents various health benefits but you could also consider including other features like a massage system to aid muscle relaxations and relief of joint pain.


  • Consider the heating options

You can heat wooden hot tubs using either wood or electricity. Wooden fired heaters tend to be more economical because of the low cost of wood. This cost can be eliminated if you have your source of wood.

Additionally, you must be willing to put in some work to get the wooden fired tub to be hot. Most people don’t like this. Alternatively, you can opt for electric heaters that only require you to push a button. The only challenge with the electric heaters is that they can cause a spike in your electricity bill making it more expensive. Besides, the water heats us quite slowly.


  • Think about maintenance

Maintenance of your wooden hot tub should be a priority especially if you want it in the garden. You don’t want to have a tub that eventually becomes an eyesore in your once chic outdoor space due to poor maintenance.

While it’s true that having a wooden tub can transform your outdoor space and determine durability, you must also consider the material of the interior of the tub as it equally determines how long your tub will last. Think about the ease of cleaning and how the material is affected by the changes in weather conditions while still guaranteeing you longevity.


  • Find a tub that fits into your budget

Several factors affect the cost of a wooden hot tub. The prices vary based on the size of the tub to the materials used. Introducing a hydro-massage will inflate the cost of your tub. Other things that are likely to cause the cost of your tub to go up include an inflatable spa with no insulation because you’ll require more energy for heating and keeping the water warm.

Instead, such are great for a warm climate or if you’re considering a one-off party. Similarly, a wooden fired tub is best suited for temperate climate areas. It’s important to include the cost of heating the tub in your budget especially because this will be a recurring cost. Also important is the cost of water maintenance and the overall lifespan of the tub.

A wooden hot tub often requires more maintenance to attain their expected lifespan of at least 10 years in your garden. However, this partly depends on the type of wood. This means that you must stop to find out the type of wood that is perfect for your needs. Take time to review the pros and cons of each before making the ultimate decision on the one you deem most suitable.

Most importantly, make sure your vendor takes you through the maintenance so that you know what to do. Most manufacturers recommend oiling the exterior comprising of the wooden parts at least twice a year, especially prior and after winter.


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