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Choosing a Glazed Door for a Traditional Home. What to Look Out For?

Today – Choosing a Glazed Door

Glazed Door for a Traditional Home


Choosing a Glazed Door

Ever wonder what glazing is? It basically refers to fitting a door or a window with glass. Glazed doors come with any number of horizontal or vertical glass panels. They may be entirely built from glass. This allows people to maintain their privacy without cutting themselves off from the rest of the house. They also let in a large amount of sunlight, allowing homeowners to cut back on the use of electricity during the daylight hours. However, there are some factors to consider when choosing glazed doors.


The first thing to decide is where you would install a glazed door. There are both external and internal glazed doors as well as fireproof glazed doors. When used internally, the doors should not be installed for rooms that require the highest level of privacy. Some people may not like them in their bedroom. They are generally the best for shared living spaces such as the living room or sunrooms. If they are to be installed in toilets, perhaps a better option would be to swap out clear glass panels for frosted or patterned glass. These doors are also great for nurseries so you can keep an eye on your child without waking them up.

What type?

You should always explore your options. Depending on your budget, the amount of sunlight you want to let in, the number of glass panels and the material of glass, there are hundreds of doors you can shop online. If you want the room to be airy and bright, then perhaps a door with more glass panels would be a great option.

These doors are available in wood and composite materials. You need to research the thermal conductivity of the material before you choose a glazed door. Your choice depends on your unique requirements.

Is it safe?

There’s nothing unsafe about using a glazed door inside the house. If you have children, you may want laminated glass, which is hard to break. Moreover, you may want a door with glass panels that are above their reach. But otherwise, it is fine to install them wherever you want.

However, if used externally, these glazed doors can be a security hazard. Intruders find it easy to smash the glass with a hammer and break in. It would be wiser to choose an external glazed door that is not entirely made of glass. Or if you really want glass panels, then think of laminated glass instead of plain clear glass. An intruder would have to smash it quite a few times before they can even dent it. Which, honestly, they can’t risk considering the amount of noise it’d make.

Moreover, security can be enhanced by installing a deadbolt lock on the door. The only thing to consider here is that the double cylinder lock maybe a little time consuming to open in case of an emergency. Just make sure every person of the house knows where the key is and how the door should be opened.


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