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Top Office Design Trends in 2022

So – office design trends in 2022 … what’s your prediction?

After at year of homeworking people are slowly returning to the office and many are finding out their office needs a restyle after so much time away. With that in mind, the commercial property experts at SavoyStewart.co.uk have been researching  biggest office design trends of 2022. 

The prediction were achieved by scraping through thousands of Pinterest boards dedicated to numerous office design styles As ever Pinterest has the answer and we need to see where people are looking to find out what is going to top the style charts in the coming year. . By collecting the number of pinned images for each style, SavoyStewart.co.uk have predicted the ones people are most interested in at the moment and are likely to incorporate in their workspaces in the near future.


Office design trends in 2022  Movers and shakers 

  • The most popular office design of 2022 is predicted to be the ‘minimalist styled office’ with 273,028 pins on Pinterest
  • The ‘classic office’ overtakes the ‘modern office’ design, with 179,931 pins across all Pinterest boards
  • ‘smart office’, is the 5th biggest office design trend prediction for 2022 and is perfect for the tech savvy employees who prefer letting technology simplify their lives (143,065 pins)


These are the biggest office designs trends in 2022:

Rank Office design style Number of Pins Across all Boards
1. Minimalist office 273,028
2. Classic office 179,931
3. Scandinavian office 162,972
4. Modern office 147,590
5. Smart office 143,065
6. Colourful office 81,290
7. Art deco office 49,223
8. Eco office 47,899
9. Loft office 30,713
10. Pop-art office 25,007


Office design trends in 2022

Lets take a more in depth look …


Barely there

The most popular of the office design trends of 2022 is predicted to be the ‘minimalist styled office’, with a whopping 273,028 pins across all boards on Pinterest. With no clutter, a minimalist office provides an airy environment, perfect for focusing.


Top Office Design Trends in 2022


Classic office trends

The ‘classic office’ overtakes the ‘modern office’ design, with 179,931 pins across all Pinterest boards, putting it in second place. Whilst some might find it outdated, they couldn’t be more wrong, with classic aspects coming back to our offices in 2022 based on people’s interests.


In third place we have the ‘Scandinavian office’ with 162,972 pins across all boards on Pinterest. Similar to the minimalist style, a Scandinavian styled office provides a clean looking environment with touches of nature.


The ‘modern office’ comes in fourth place, with 147,590 pins on Pinterest. It’s usually achieved by choosing cool colours, simple designs, and smooth textures. Standing desks are a common feature of a modern office


Top Office Design Trends in 2022

Smart and savvy

A ‘smart office’ is perfect for the tech savvy employees who prefer letting technology simplify their lives. With 143,065 pins across all Pinterest boards, the smart office design is the fifth biggest trend predicted for 2022.

In sixth place we have ‘colourful office’ designs with 81,290 pins, followed by ‘art deco designs’ with 49,223 pins across all Pinterest boards.

The eco office

The ‘eco office’ comes in eighth place with 47,899 pins. Created with organic, natural element and a touch of greenery, an eco-friendly office is exactly what the planet (and all the people pinning this design on Pinterest) needs right now.

In ninth place we have the ‘loft office’, with 30,713 pins. What is a loft office you may wonder? It is a modern urban style, characterized by an abundance of open space and industrial elements in décor.


Pop art office

Top Office Design Trends in 2022


Lastly, the tenth biggest office design prediction of 2022 is the ‘pop-art office’, with 25,007 pins across all board on Pinterest.


Which of these office design trends do you like best?


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