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Top Ways to Bet on Golf

The sport of golf might not be one of the most popular betting markets in the world, but this sport still presents some good betting opportunities. Looking at NFL point spreads is eventually going to come to an end, and that might be the perfect time to focus on golf. 


Top Ways to Bet on Golf


Top Ways to Bet on Golf

Golf is very different than some of the other betting markets, but there are also some similarities as well. Knowing the different types of golf bets is the first step to becoming successful at betting on the sport. 

Golf is a sport that is traditionally played individually and that makes betting much different to begin with. Golf betting is always available at sportsbooks, like BetUS. Here is a quick run down of some of the top ways to bet on golf at the sportsbook. 


Futures Betting

The most common and popular way to bet on golf is to make a future bet on the tournaments taking place each weekend. This type of future bet has a result come much quicker than placing a future wager in other sports. 

Golf is typically a hard sport to predict, but you could be in for a pretty significant payday if you are able to pick the winner of the tournament. You can also make a futures bet on players to finish inside of the top-five, or even to simply make the cut. 


Top Ways to Bet on Golf


Head to Head Betting

Even though golf is typically a sport that features a large field of players, you can actually bet on head-to-head matchups for each tournament. This style of betting is more similar to betting on some of the other popular sports as you are simply looking at the odds and making a pick.

Head to head betting is typically offered for each round of a golf tournament as well as the entire event. Sportsbooks will also sometimes use a group of players to offer this form of betting. 


Over/Under Betting

Over/under betting is typically one of the three most common types of bets placed in this industry. It’s also a popular golf betting option, and it’s great if you only want to focus on one player in the field. 

When it comes to over/under betting, you could wager on the total number of strokes are you could also wager on the place that the golfer finishes in the event. Odds will be set for each side of the wager, and you simply have to choose over or under. 


Top Ways to Bet on Golf

Prop Betting

Prop betting has become a huge part of the sports betting experience and there will be prop betting markets available for golf as well. If you prefer to focus on just one player rather than the entire event then prop betting is the way to go. 

It’s really hard to predict what prop betting options will be available each weekend, but you can expect there to be a healthy amount of options. Prop betting is another way that you can receive some pretty healthy payouts by simply hitting on one or a handful of wagers.  Now you are ready to head to a sportsbook, such as BetUS and bet on golf!


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