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3 Practical and Curious Home Improvements

3 Practical and Curious Home Improvements

Grabbing that stock IKEA look in your home might be a simple way of making it photogenic, but to truly capture that cosy feeling which every homeowner craves, you need some charm in there too. In fact, you don’t just need charm, you need practical charm.

Something a little different that most people don’t have but which you love, so that the moment you look at it, you know that you’re in a comfortable place.



Curious Home Improvements


3 Practical and Curious Home Improvements

Many ornaments, additions and home improvements can struggle to combine practicality with charm – often sitting in one category and not the other. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of three additions to your home that will make all the difference; grabbing the attention of visitors whilst still offering a practical use. Let’s get into it.


Curious Home Improvements

Bi-fold Doors

Imagine those houses by the beach with a beautiful panoramic seaside view on the ground floor. That’s the kind of look that your home could benefit from with the addition of bi-fold doors. When closed, the bi-fold door acts as a group of large windows, allowing brilliant quantities of natural light in (saving you money on your energy bills) whilst simultaneously adding character to the property.

If you enter someone’s home and find a panoramic view of the outdoors, you’re going to notice.

One of the best aspects of the bi-fold door is that it remains functional. On warm summer days, you can open the door and welcome in a comfortable breeze, whilst in the winter you can still admire the outdoors without feeling cold. It’s the best of both worlds.

As an added bonus, bi-fold doors can be bought on finance too, so you don’t have to worry about an extortionate fee upfront. These doors are one of the best ways for you to add impact to your home without spending a fortune.


Tree Benches – Curious Home Improvements

Moving from a contemporary style to a more rustic and rugged approach, tree benches are brilliant for providing a focal point in your garden that encourages interaction and relaxation. If you’re unaware, tree benches are the usually round or hexagonal seats that surround the base of a tree trunk, using the leaves of the plant for shade.


Tree Benches

Tree benches are a little on the expensive side depending on the material you would like to purchase and require the same amount of maintenance that any garden furniture demands. They’re hard work but they’re worth it, they immediately draw the eye of visitors and make a brilliant position to admire your garden handiwork. Simple, natural and effective.




Pergolas aren’t the most common sight in British homes, primarily because of our infamously unpredictable weather. There really needs to be a pergola revolution though because they add so much charm to your garden and create an incredibly homely, Mediterranean feeling.

Pergolas are tall, usually wooden structures designed to make a shaded walkway or shelter. Usually they are made using four support posts and a lattice of wooden planks to make a loose roof that still allows light through.

Sometimes pergolas use thin, translucent sheets instead, perfect for a contemporary look or if you’d prefer to stay rustic, consider adding a vine plant that threads through the lattice. This makes the shade much more effective whilst adding to the European feel; plus, if you chose a grape vine as your plant of choice then you could end up with a small grape harvest in the summer.

Pergolas are practical, charming and you can even build them yourself. They’re everything the modern home needs.



If you implement these three improvements, you’ll make your property infinitely cosier and more impressive. There are few things as important as being proud of your home.


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