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4 Health Benefits of Pumpkin

Health benefits of pumpkin

Pumpkins have a variety of uses, especially in the fall months. From décor to pumpkin spiced lattes, they can be found nearly everywhere you look. Not only are pumpkins versatile when it comes to decorating your home, there’s also a wide variety of uses for them in the kitchen.

Considering the health benefits of pumpkin, it’s no wonder that they’re often considered to be a superfood. Preparing a fresh pumpkin at home will yield the most health benefits, but canned pumpkin is still a great choice that’s often more convenient. Just be sure to steer clear of the canned pumpkin pie mix as it’s filled with unnecessary syrups and sugars that yield little to no health benefits.

Although there are many health benefits of pumpkin, here are four benefits that can easily improve your daily life.


Health Benefits of Pumpkin


Health Benefits of Pumpkin


Improve Your Vision with Pumpkin

One of the health benefits of pumpkin includes improving your vision. Not only can it aid in improving your vision, it can also help in reducing aging related vision loss. Pumpkin has healing properties that are known to help improve eye health as well as boost your eyesight.

Pumpkin is rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Zinc along with a wide array of other vitamins and minerals. While these vitamins and minerals can be vital to your overall health, they play an important role in eye health.  Not only can they help with preventing cataracts and macular degeneration, these vitamins and minerals can also aid in protecting your eyes and reducing the risk of chronic eye diseases.


Improve Your Heart Health with the health benefits of Pumpkin

Healthy or not, heart health is a main concern for many people. Even if you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly, improving your cardiovascular health should be a primary goal. Luckily, one of the health benefits of pumpkin is that it’s great for this exact reason.

The fiber, potassium and Vitamin C that pumpkin is filled with helps support heart health. Not only can consuming pumpkin (or foods with nutrients like pumpkin) aid in decreasing your risk for heart disease, it can also aid in reducing your blood pressure. With these rich nutrients, pumpkin can also be used to help treat hypertension and improve circulation.


Health Benefits of Pumpkin – Improve Your Skin

Want a more youthful look? Pay attention to what you eat. The same nutrients, like beta-carotene, that are great for vision are also beneficial for your skin and can protect it from sun damage. Even with sunscreen, the UV rays can be incredibly harsh on your skin so you might want to consider any additional protection you can get.

The vitamins and minerals that are packed into pumpkin are also beneficial in replenishing moisture and maintaining dry skin. Pumpkin is great for homemade face masks as it can also aid in treating dark spots while maintaining anti-aging properties.



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Improve Your Immune System with the health benefits of pumpkin

Tired of feeling unwell in fall, struggling with seasonal colds or allergies? Boost your immune system with pumpkin. Consuming pumpkin, which is rich in Vitamin A, can help your body fight viruses, infections, or even infectious diseases.

Not only can pumpkin help you keep illness at bay, pumpkin can help strengthen your immune system to get over colds quicker as it’s high in Vitamin C as well.

Ready to reap the health benefits of pumpkin yourself? A single cup of canned pumpkin a day can get you more than double the recommended daily intake amount of Vitamin A. You may even see other benefits such as weight loss and becoming more regular.  So load up on the pumpkin this fall and enjoy the benefits of this seasonally abundant fruit.


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